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For a uick weekend book uick asy reading and likeable characters Good summer reading would also make a good Sunday night mystery movie Even though Delilah is described as having red hair I really picture Delta Burke of Designing Women in this role Will read the rest of the series because I like the literary travel tours concept but I don t think I will take the time to read any of the author s other works The books in this series are a fun fast read They center around a lady Delilah who has started a literary travel agency She sets up tours to places of Southern writers This was Washburn s first in the series and the setting is Atlanta and the plantation that has been remodeled to look like Tara from the movie Gone With the Wind The second Huckleberry Finished was to Mark Twain s hometownPerhaps these books have of an appeal for me because I taught American Literature for so long I do find them interesting though The two I ve read include lots of background information about the author andor story that made that person famous 25 stars a uick read This was a fun fast read Not very deep in any way but I Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, enjoyed it Will continue with the series and really want to do a Gone With the Wind tour This was a uniue idea for a travel agency literary themed tours New tour business owner Delilah was leading her first tour when an actor at the plantation was killed Everyone at the plantation had to stay put and it was kind of cool how she and new friend Will were creeping around looking for clues stumbling on another bodynot really part of the travel business but the police lieutenant in. Ying Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler is found dead apparently the victim of a fatal dose of Southern in hospitality Before anyone canven think Where shall I go What shall I do Delilah finds herself taking over the investigation when the #1 suspect turns out to be her son in law But life starts imitating art when th.

Recently divorced Delilah Dickinson is conducting her first literary tour group visiting sites in and around Atlanta connected to Margaret Mitchell s Gone With the Wind Their final stop is an overnight visit to a plantation resembling the screen version of Tara with local actors portraying the characters from the movie However the tour comes to an unpleasant climax when Rhett Butler is found stabbed to death in the gardens of the mock Tara and it is revealed that several persons among the group might have had reason to wish him dead Newly divorced Delilah a red head with spunk and a temper has opened a southern literary themed travel agency in Atlanta and she s taking out her very first tour Gone with the Wind of course The tour includes touring the Margaret Mitchell House and the movie Museum one day and a tour the next day of nearby Tara plantation where a Gone with the Wind The Family Plan enactment by actors will occur including a ball thatvening All goes well until Rhett Butler turns up dead in the garden during the ball This is a cozy murder mystery after all I found this very A Family Practice enjoyable the scene well set the characters fun the setting just great and the murder mystery complexnough that I didn t solve it before the very A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity end Best of all the crimes are solved basically in a 24 hour period And yes I deliberately said crimes Will definitely read the next in the series all titles thus mysteries linked to some fiction set in the south Injoy this cozy I m not crazy for it but the Gone With the Wind theme drew me in I will continue on with the series This was a very light read and is great. When Things Go Really South No one is surprised when feisty Delilah Dickinson opens her own literary travel agency in Atlanta after her divorce But during her first group's tour of an old plantation modeled after Tara from Gone with the Wind complete with a full cast of actors things go south really fast The actor pla.

Charge did Celebrity Bachelor eventually admit that Delilah had some good detective ualitiesI did name the killerarly on but was For Better and Worse easily swayed throughout the book with the different suspects and red herrings I liked the setting being Atlanta and Delilah s son in law Luke sort of grew on me too I wasn t sure I d like the twin nieces who were 16 but they were both so different it was fun reading their banter I admired Delilah for not letting anyone discourage her from what she set out to do I hope that the guy she met shows up in the rest of the books I think they d make a good sleuthing team and I intend to continue with the series Summary Delilah Dickinson has set up a tour agency where people can come andxplore the Atlanta of Gone with the Wind At a recreation of Tara the actor playing Rhett Butler is killed Conseuently veryone on the tour and all of the other actors are suspects unless Delilah can figure it outWhy I Read I really liked the title and I m still somewhat obsessed with mysteries so I reuested it from the libraryMy Thoughts To start with I did not figure out the murderer although I did figure out that it was a very dumb idea to go and confront that murderer instead of relying on the police who are right there Everything happens very uickly the whole story t Real Rating 225 of fiveDNF 22%Modestly competent uninspired unsalted lo fat black yed peas I must be hungrier than usual today verything I write is about foodA snort or two of derision a mild nay an anemic chuckle and in a humorous mystery I need Maybe it ll tickle your funny bone It rasped over mine like a rat tailed file. E actors begin taking their roles a little too seriously believing they actually are Ashley Wilkes Scarlett O'Hara and Melanie Next stop Sunset Boulevard Amusing breathlessly uick Publishers Weekly Liva J Washburn's mysteries are among the best Mystery News Gone with the Wind fans will cozy up to this tale Mystery Sce.

EPUB Frankly My Dear I'm Dead Literary Tour Series BY Livia J. Washburn – latinboyz4play.com

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Under the names Livia J Washburn and LJ Washburn Livia Reasoner has been writing award winning critically acclaimed mystery western romance and historical novels for than thirty years She began to write in collaboration with her husband author James Reasoner and soon branched out into telling her own stories She received the Private Eye Writers of America award and the American My