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Ling inspired by the book I started a conversation with my neighbor in the levator on my way home from a workout And it made my night that much betterHowever the second half of this book seemed directed towards an actual ministry or church group which it s possible this book is and included a lot of really big things that just kind of went in one Science, Technology and Culture ear and out the other Things like learning about the refuges and helping the refuges in my area and helping out with an organization that benefits children in Africa It was full of great ideas but most of them just went right over my head because those just are realistic for me right nowSo my review and recommendation for this book are two fold I kind of wish for my own sake that thentire book had been full of the small devotions that made up the first half about changing yourself and loving those people around you community family friends but I do see how the second half could be great for someone looking for ways to make a big difference But it is a good book and has something for The Road to Einsteins Relativity everyone 3 stars. T for the poor and marginalized Simple Compassion provides manageable action steps to help you move beyond asking “What difference can I make” to actually doing something Inach week’s reading you’ll find inspiring meditations from the Bible blended with suggestions for living out principles of justice and compassion right where you areStep into the adventure of following God’s heart and discover the power of Simple Compassion.

1CSimple Compassion 1D by Keri Wyatt Kent is a fine devotional filled with suggestions for becoming compassionate as an individual and with a group This book is designed to be read over the course of a one year period at the rate of one devotion per week Each reading is 3 4 pages and contains a variety of recommended activities to make you and your group compassionateEach reading builds upon the next if read in order but this book can also be read out of order by choosing specific topics from the table of contents The book also contains a valuable This is the book for you if you like your daily reading to be a story that inspiresconvictschallenges If like me you like your daily reading to have its source in Scripture this will disappoint I do agree with the reviewer who said it may be a starting point for some That sounds litist but there it is This is for the person who prefers a small group to a Bible class Not my cup of tea I m the author so just wanted to offer some thoughts on why you re going to love this book It s a 365 day devotiona. “True devotionals should stir us to devote our lives to something bigger than ourselves Simple Compassion will not just warm your heart but will actually break your heart with the things that break God’s” Shane Claiborne author activist and recovering sinnerKeri's journey of compassion is truly a reflective of a woman who wants to impact her community and her world I think these stories will stir others to do the same Heather Larso.

L which invites you on a journey toward loving God your neighbor your world I wrote it several years ago but it is particularly timely in our fractured world We need to think and act on God s command to act justly love mercy and walk humbly with God specially in these contentious times The book is split into four sections Compassion Begins with You Compassion Grows in Community Compassion Extends Beyond Our Comfort Zones and Compassion Offers God s Love to the World While reading through the first two sections many of the things that Keri says hit home with me about trying to live our lives like Christ After ach chapter she gives Compassion steps basically baby steps to try and act on the principle she talks about in that chapter For instance in the devotion called Why Keri talks about getting to know and loving our true neighbors and the compassion steps are to learn two of your neighbors names that you don t know That is a step that I can take There were a lot of these little steps in the first two sections that I really could relate toFee. N Director of Compassion and Justice Ministries Willow Creek Community ChurchAn invitation to change the world one life at a timeStarting with your ownThis fifty two week devotional invites you to discover a life overflowing with creative compassion Through poignant stories and fresh insights from the Bible you’ll learn how small acts by ordinary women just like you can lead to meaningful changeAlong with a clear vision of God’s hear.

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Online books Simple Compassion Author Keri Wyatt Kent –


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