Online Ebook Decadent Master Masters of Desire #2 –

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Ad the editing was worse and the title doesn t tie in to the story line whatsoever I can t believe this book actually went to print and I can tell you I ll be avoiding any other books by this author based pon. Comes in threes the muscular brothers Rolf and Dierk and the mysterious Master Zane Dominance is in their blood and the natural submissiveness of the inexperienced Wynne arou.

Online Ebook Decadent Master Masters of Desire #2 –

This one For me the story was build build build and no real climaxdarn it so slightly dissapointing It was a sweet story though Oh yea and I see a few people marked it as menageThere is absolutly no menage her. Ses the men beyond belief Baring herself body and soul at their command their captive is about to satisfy her most hidden desires as she explores the dark side of sexual passi.

Not very good Love The story A heck of a lot better than the first book for my liking anyway I actually enjoyed the story this time This has got to be the worst erotica book I ve ever read The writing was A closed door swings openand Wynne Fischer enters an elegant bondage club for those who crave extremes of forbidden sensation Within the walls of Twilight ltramale temptation.

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Nothing exciting happens in Tawny Taylor's life unless you count giving the cat a flea dip a cat can make some fascinating sounds when immersed chin deep in insecticide or chasing after a houseful of upchucking kids during flu season She doesn't travel the world or employ a staff of personal servants She's not even built like a runway model She's just your run of the mill pleasantly plump D