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Like it A brilliant and personal literary ourney in which Philip Dodd tells the curious tales of people whose namesdeliberately or by chancebecame household words Whats in a name For Philip Dodd this uestion led to an international tour sleuthing the history of some of our most intriguing eponyms The result is a collection of surprising stranger than fiction stories.

O far V in. From history the arts the halls of science and sometimes simply the realm of serendipity This armchair travelers delight contains little known tales of such immortal figures as · Roy Jacuzzi alive and well and still bubbling with ideas in Happy Valley California · Joseph P Frisbie the baker whose pie tins inspired Wham Os ubiuitous flying disc · Ernst Gräf.

Online Read What's in a Name? –

Teresting. Enberg for whom the G spot was named Samuel Maverick the Texas pioneer who refused to brand his calves · And many other colorful figures From Belgium to Buenos Aires from Orlando to Los Angeles Dodds readers go along for the ride Whats In a Name is a marvelous tribute to people who changed our languagewhether through hard work creativity or the luck of the dr.

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