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The ualifications of the character of his role as Scrooge Everyone else involved in the play seems to notice the same thing Then out of the blue Seth is found off stagedead and not from a heart attack Seth has been murdered by someone but who and whyLaura and her long time friend Junior Norton are determined to get to the bottom of this murderbut where to start Junior s Father Andy was formerly the chief of Police Since his passing Junior took over his duties on the police force with Trey her brother as a pt deputy That is until Mark Pope replaced JuniorThis down home mystery takes on twists and turns including many I didn t see coming Tim Topper is an example of that and he brought a new dimension to the story Seth s two sons David and Jake are shaken by their fathers death especially since Jake ust lost his son Barnaby in a hideous fireThere are many family members which the author does a good ob at introducing and not overwhelming us with We are never left on the sidelines in solving this crime Well written and worth adding to your list of cozies. Furniture salesman Seth Murdstone playing Scrooge is murdered With a killer on the loose it's up to Laura to catch hi.

Along the way I didn t figure things out before the end I was browsing at the used book store a little while ago and thought I d look for some Christmas fluff to pass the time during the holiday season This looked like a silly little cozy mystery so I got it It was ust awful Here are some reasons why1 How old is this author A new cozy for me October 25 2012 By Ellen Rappaport Florida This review is from Mad as the Dickens Superior Collection Paperback This was my first Laura fleming mystery but definitely not my last In fact I ve Shadow Flame (Rime Chronicles, just ordered 4 in this wonderful series Thankfuly this author intends to continue writing which isust what the doctor orderedLaura Fleming known to friends as Laurie Anne is very pregnant and on a short vacation with hubby Richard Fleming Richard is the director of A Christmas Carol and currently stressing out over rehearsals At home in Boston Richard is an English professor They make their home in Boston but are spending time with family and friends in Byerly North CarolinaRichard knows that Seth Murdstone is not meeting. Usin to direct a production of A Christmas Carol in Laura's hometown of Byerly North Carolina As the play is rehearsed.

A murder mystery with lots of personality If mysteries were my steak and potatoes this one would be near the top of my list As it stands it was an enjoyable read that did not let me get bored I was also constantly entertained This was a fun read I guess but I did start to get annoyed with how many times Laurie Anne talked about being pregnant plus her husband picked the stupidest times to uote literature Alsoshe wasn t a sleuth she basically bumbled about talking about how pregnant she was and kept eating every scrap of Stripped junk in sight until the killer happens to confess yet have a heart of gold it was silly This one was a fun uick read Laura is pregnant and solving mysteries at Christmastime What could go wrong This mystery seemed a little convoluted and dialogue heavy than previous books Also while it was fun to see Laurie Anne pair up with Junior to investigate the murder something about their teamworkust didn t have the same pizazz that Laura has with Richard or Thaddeus Still I was kept guessing and despite a few should have been obvious hints. While awaiting the arrival of their first child in Boston Laura Fleming's husband Richard is asked by Vasti Laura's co.

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pdf online Mad As The Dickens AUTHOR Toni L.P. Kelner – latinboyz4play.com

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