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Ut the Canadian justice system It really hit home with me because we lived on this Air Force Base just 6 years after this happened I remember well where the body of the young girl was found we played there all the time I am so in awe of Steven Truscott the man he became in spite of the injustices done to him I think every Canadian should read this book This is about the third book I have read in the last few years about someone that was wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to jail for life It really makes me uestion the death penalty The book itself was a little repetitive but I think the author just didn t want to leave out how incompetent the police and prosecutor were I still cannot uite believe that they honed in on a fourteen year old without even uestioning other avenues which were reported I had no idea that full discloure was really not mandated until the nineties Makes me wonder how many poor innocents are sitting in our prisons Thank goodness for DNA freeing some of these victims A very thorough documentation of the events that took place only 10 minutes from where I currently live Sher has made this bit of local history an interesting read If in the area visit the Goderich Jail to see things through Steven s eyes back in 1959 I first heard about Steven Truscott in High School and credit him with my reasoning for becoming a law clerk His story is truly amazing as is he This is a MUST READ for any Canadian It is wonderfully written novel of a huge miscarriage of Justice in Canada He has always been innocent in my eyes and as of 2007 he had FINALLY been exonerated Fantastic Grew up nowing he was innocent This book proves it Not in my opinion that it needed proving Was pretty obvious he didn t do it. Fully revised and updated and takes readers from that fateful night in 1959 up to the new appeal granted to Truscott in 2006 Julian Sher’s award winning and insightful chronicle details Steven Truscott’s dramatic final battle – with the help of his family investigative journalists and lawyers – to clear his name once and for al.

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Books Download Until You Are Dead: Steven Truscott's Long Ride into History –

Extremely detailed and would be amazing for those readers who love all the details Too long for my liking though so I cheated and watched the Fifth Estate documentary and then read the last few chapters starting at The Last Battle Awesome story A very good review of the Steven Truscott case Shows the power of the police and crown at the time Some repetition and it stops short of the final chapter in this saga although I imagine an update may be around the corner In all a good look at this time period especially in rural Ontario I had to write an essay for Law class in highschool on Steven Truscott This book was an enormous aid It covered all the details of the incident and details that I didn t Smijurija u mjerama know and was shocked to find out It unfurled a fountain of information that everyone shouldnow so Steven Truscott can be given another chance as an innocent person This book is excellent for research and very interesting to read for leusire Despite its clunky title this is a very good book about the Canadian Steven Truscott who in 1959 at the age of 15 was sentenced to hang for the rape and murder of 12 year old Lynne Harper a crime he did not commit His sentence was commuted to life in prison The book is partly a biography of Truscott and partly an investigation of the investigation into Lynne Harper s murder pulling all the evidence out and examining it carefully including evaluation of witnesses The prosecution built its case on two child witnesses who couldn t eep their own stories straight but whose evidence pointed to Truscott s guilt while seeking to discredit child witnesses who told consistent stories that exonerated Truscott Also because the laws of discovery in 1959 didn t reuire them to the prosecution did. FULLY REVISED AND UPDATEDNational BestsellerWinner of the Canadian Authors Association Birks Family Foundation Award for BiographyFinalist for the Writers’ Trust Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political WritingThe investigation that helped Truscott get a new appealIn 1959 a popular schoolboy just 14 years old was convicted and sentenced.

Not turn over to the defense a BOATLOAD of evidence that pointed toward Truscott s innocence choosing instead to harp on the cherry picked evidence that did not contradict the theory of Truscott s guilt The trial judge was also biased toward the prosecution and his charge to the jury was both biased and factually inaccurate And then of course the authorities doubled down as the legal uestion became a political uestion not was Steven Truscott innocent but were the police wrong Judging by this book it s almost impossible for someone living in 2020 to imagine how infallible the police and the legal system were perceived to be in 1959 and how vitally necessary the government felt that perception to be Many people in power seemed to feel that admitting error in the case of Steven Truscott would be tantamount to approving the downfall of Canadian civilization The history of Steven Truscott s attempts to prove his innocence is also a cultural history of the paradigm shift that is the 1960s as mainstream culture learned to distrust its authority figuresThe book was published before a decision was reached in Truscott s final appeal but Wikipedia tells me his conviction was overturned in 2007 even though even then he wasn t declared innocent It was merely admitted finally almost 50 years later that his guilt was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt Wonderfully written detailed account of one of Canada s most egregious miscarriages of justiceSher s account into the seriously flawed investigation of Lynne Harper s 1959 murder ranks just behind Isabel LeBourdais 1966 groundbreaking book The Trial of Steven Truscott in importance One of the most important and disturbing books I have ever read or that has ever been written abo. To hang for the rape and murder of his 12 year old classmate That summer Canada lost its innocence and the shocking story of Steven Truscott became imprinted on the nation’s memory First published in 2001 “Until You Are Dead” revealed new witnesses leads and evidence never presented to the courts Now this national bestseller is.

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