Book Ebook The Enforcer ï Anna Perrin –

Good book Lots of suspense and intrigue I ove the plot twist at the end too Just when you think it s all over and Dr Claire Lamont is finally safe an unexpected threat Operational Culture for the Warfighter loomsarge on the horizon Good book While there was physical suspense this one seemed mostly mentalpsychological Claire was a psychologist that worked for the FBI trying to help agents with various traumas She freuently felt that she was hitting her head against a stone wall as they weren t very cooperative Brent was one of the worst He had had a bad experience with a psychologist and wrote off the whole profession When he was assigned to protect Claire their attraction was immediate They had to find a way to deal with their feel. Professional Powerful Thoroughly maleThat was psychologist Claire Lamont's first thought when she met her bodyguard the agent charged with keeping her from a rogue operative's bullet And as much as she feared death she soon faced.

Book Ebook The Enforcer ï Anna Perrin –

The hero was a bit of a jerk which is all too common in romance but the heroine was ikable The plot was immediately guessable but there was enough twists to keep me from being positive in my guess My one major issue is why a seasoned FBI agent that everyone says is a great agent would be immediately willing to bed the woman he s been ordered to protect when everyone knows this is usually discouraged as complicating the security job However I can chalk this up to the issues going on in his Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, life at the time and give the book the benefit of the doubtI enjoyed it O Bodyguard theme Nothing really exciting but not bad either Psychologist has herife threatened and FBI agent steps in as bodyguard 36. Ed him unleashing his secret desires The Taras Song longer he kept her secluded at a remote cabin the sizzling the tension grew Beforeong the chances of remaining professional became a thing of the pastas did their chances of staying aliv.

Ings as well as try to find the rogue agent who was out to kill them Great suspense with a bit of a twist at the end A shrink Atlas of Anatomy loathing with just cause FBI agent finds himself a rather willing bodyguard to the resident Bureau psychologistA first author for me but someone to watch out for in the futureWonderful characters Ioved both Brent and Claire and rooted for them from the get go great characterization good pacing nice and tight plot and wonderfully woven suspense with a few false clues and a red herring as big as a house Just the fact I didn t guess the villain s true identity until the author wanted me to is motivation enough to put Ms Perrin on my watch Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, list4 stars Iiked this uite a bit. An even scarier predicament walking away from a man she couldn't tear her eyes off ofBodyguard Brent Young was considered one of the best and he vowed to use every ounce of his FBI training to help Claire His enticing ward prodd.

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