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E woman who took her in Colby's former sweetheart Anna CaldwellAnna is tired f trusting Colby he's let her down too many times And this time she's not about to let him hurt little Dorrie.

When he left two years before Colby Bloxham was running from his past and his pain Now he's ready to face his responsibilitiesand make some long verdue amends to his baby daughter and th.

Too He claims he's found faith given up his reckless ways and wants to be a real father to his child But does Anna have enough faith in his reformation to forgiveand risk her heart nce.

Book PDF The Cowboy's Baby –

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Linda Ford grew up devouring books and making up stories in her head—often late at night when she couldn't sleep But she hadn't planned to write Instead she dreamed of running an orphanage In a way that dream came true She married had four homemade children adopted ten and lived at times endured the dream Writing first took her to non fiction human interest articles for newspapers and