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The worst in the series so far but I still loved it I just think it needed depth We ve read about Connor and Minx before but in this book we see them after their relationship has started and has been through some bumpsConnor though is now ready to persue minx and have her and minx is all for itWe also get to see what goes down with Perdue finally A wonderful hot and steamy read I really dig this series Good stories with intriguing plots And oh the steam factor is high This book was not as great as arlier book in the series but still and Zu schnell enjoyable read I was a bit disappointed to discover this was a novella rather than a book but for a novella it was fineIt s been nearly a year since I read Vengeance Due which I guess must be where MelanieMinx and Connor met and so though I rememeber her I don t remember him at all and had no idea who he was until Lee and Aidan showed up That probably messes up anymotional impact of the two reuniting but it was still hot and a certain story arc gets finished. Celebration for the Dead Lauren Dane Witches Knot 5 Vampire Hunter Minx Rodriguez decides to mix a little business with pleasure when she heads to Mexico to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos She's hot on the trail of the vampire who not only took her hostage and tortu.

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Eld her wide and served himself of sic her pussyAvoiding her clit until she d come down from her first orgasm he fucked into her gate with his tongueEvery once in a while he nudged her clit with his nose to gauge her readiness and it wasn t until she sighed and arched instead of jerking back that he knew it was time to make her come again I really njoyed this short story about Melanie Minx Rodriguez and Connor This story ties up the missing part of book 3 I m not sure why the info for the book is wrong on here but if you are reading this story it is not about Sophie I found the whole series of Witches Knot somewhat disappointing after having read the Cascadia series The stories were good in themselves but the books are greatly diminished by too many seemingly unnecessary sex scenes It gets to the point where the sex is interrupting the story rather than adding to it Not only that but there is so much sex all fully described to the smallest detail that it all feels mechanical rather than passionat. R problems and plan a feast to celebrate the lives of those they've lost to the Oathbreakers the threat remains A Hunter's job is never done and there's a job to do in Mexico The uestion remains as to whether Minx and Connor can survive what'll be asked of them both.

epub book Celebration For the Dead Witches Knot #5 BY Lauren Dane – latinboyz4play.com

This novella is all about the sex Hot sex like very 5 minutes Not that there s anything wrong with that And a bit of plot wrapping up the last of the perils surrounding the xtended family of the Charvez witches After slogging through numerous books today this is the first one that actually had an interesting story arc that I could sink my teeth into pardon the pun A woman beloved by a man who gave her life ven as he believed she might hate him for it That was love That was selflessness and she was the luckiest woman alive Melanie and Connor working together to rid the world of the oathbreakers Tragedy strikes and Connor has to make a choice Awesome story I m here because there s something between us Melanie More than just a casual vening of sex and blood ConnorSex talk not creative and too often repetitive as with most of her other books women are described as having a gate in their pussiesShe was open and wet his and he could not get Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enough A handful of her sweet ass filledach hand as he Red her but also killed her friends and family Connor Bell finds himself in love with a Vampire Hunter who's skipped town without notice much like he did to her just two weeks before He heads to Mexico to find her and make things right Even as they work through thei.

Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil and before that she used to tell them to people Of course she still talks nonstop and through wonderful fate and good fortune she’s now able to share what she writes with others It’s a wonderful life The basics Lauren is a mom a partner a best friend and a daughter Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest

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