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Fragments that he seems like someone who d be sympathetic to the uestion ven if he didn t keep the info but it won t be me who asks as I have an abiding dislike of the idea of anything resembling fanmail or bothering famous people The only fan letter I An Officer and a Spy ever wrote was to Nicky Campbell when I was maybe 13 his show was in the slot Radcliffe took over I used lots of show off vocab including the phrase bathos and pathos because he had some sort of word power type feature on his show I haven t been able to watch or listen to Campbell since my late teensven TV trailers induce intolerable cringingThis book can sound a lot like Kermode s radio delivery but often I was too caught up in the narrative to be conscious of it I didn t come away with as long a watchlist as I Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, expected simplynthusiastic reminders to get round to stuff I already wanted to see Ooko especially Slade in Flame and something by Werner Herzog who here sounds as fascinatinglyccentric as anywhere Dark Water the production that led to his ordeal of a trip to Russia and Ukraine also sounds intriguing I love the Kermode make no bones about it The man is by some margin the most Naked engaging and honest voice out there when it comes to films Whether he be wrong or right Personally I think the alchemy of the man himself is the most interesting thing about him A God bothering Old Trot feminist who loves splatter movies and canasily laugh at himself How did that happen And you get to look at that between the lines here but not nearly as much as I had hopedWhen he s talking about himself he s not nearly as much cop as he is when talking about his reaction to films though I m sure it s a matter of practice He does commendably little celeb slurping his anecdotes about his altercations with The Olympian Few are if I m honest to be Shadow Scale (Seraphina, expected in the autobiography of a film critic and you do genuinely believe he s only bringing up the Werner Herzogxperience at the Claim The Crown end of the book because it s a neat andngaging anecdote that tidily Nerds encapsulates a great portion of his world viewAs a psychologist of sorts I completely agree with his unwitting description ofpisodic memory as the human brain playing back a movie that s susceptible to reel tampering in particular some of his In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, earlier memories he puts under the microscope and rexamines are really fascinating It s when we get to the long rather dull middle aged dinner table anecdotes about his trip to RussiaNew YorkWherever Bark else or his First Time on Air or How He Got the Gig at Time Out that I lose interest Unfortunately about a half of the book is just that and Dave Barry he ain tWhen he s talking about his ideological clash with Herzog or thex porn theatre that became an arthouse cinema or his first xperience of The Exorcist it s fine thought provoking stuff When he s telling you stories about how he went here and did this with that bloke it s not Kermode is a devisive figure but I find him hilarious This book is funny he is witty and self deprecating and will admit his own foolishn Although I haven t always agreed with Mark Kermode s assessments which surely is the point of criticism the fact that he worked in the mainstream media and was interested in the same kind of cinema as me drew me in time and again Reading this sort of memoir we get bits of his life his thoughts on films and some adventures he s had along the way made me like him all the from the laught out loud funny Jim Lea knows my name and those of us who ve been lucky nough to meet creative heroes know Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! exactly what he means to the self deprecating slights the City Life van crash to the tune of the hokey cokey He doesn t pull his punchesuating Pierce Brosnan s singing in Mamma Mia to the E2 docking and some comments needed to be said Ikea Knightly Cannibal especially but he s genuinelynthused with a love of the movies and this really comes across carrying the reader Mastered (The Enforcers, easily over the one section that doesn t particularly work the Russian misadventure which goes on for way too long Opinionated funny genuine and honest this is highly recommended to anyone who likes their cinema a little off the beaten track Short but hopefully sweet review Loved this book laughed a lot and adored Mark Kermode throughout Definitely recommendedspecially film fan. E current resurgence of 3D there are spirited defences of Hannah Montana and Mamma Mia.

Mark Kermode is one of those people who drifted around on the fringes of my awareness for years before I actually became aware of him as an individual initially as the double bass player with a doctorate in horror films on the house band of Man, Son of Man even obscure at the time it went out talk show Danny Baker After All then as the film bloke on The Mark and Lard Show and so on in various other capacities until I finally twigged that there can t be many horror loving film commentators who dress like undertakers and go to the same hair stylist as Mark LamarrKermode s book is about asclectic not to mention Alter Ego eccentric as that description of him probably sounds He as he readily admits is only really interested in films and his memoir focusses on that to thexclusion of practically all lse his wife and children get mentioned in passing but in virtually no detail not ven the rough dates of their appearance on the scene He also happily owns up to having an Uncommon Wisdom extremely unreliable memory this faculty somehow managed to mash up the trailers for Cabaret and Battle for the Planet of the Apes and so it may well be that large sections of this book are utterly mendacious albeit inadvertantly soThat doesn t stop it being very amusing Sections deal with Kermode s student years as anxtreme left wing activist his first visit to the States a nightmarish journey to a film set in the Ukraine his radio career notable barneys with film makers and the occasion on which he was interviewing Werner Herzog when his subject was shot in the trouser region by an unknown sniperIt s very funny for the most part written with self deprecating humour throughout Unseen City even if he isn t the greatest prose stylist in the world Dr K isn t afraid of going off on a tangent when the mood strikes him sillierxcesses of censorship tend to draw his ire but he also devotes four pages to giving the boot to Mamma Mia in general and Pierce Brosnan s singing in particular Rather sweetly mainly because it seems Art entirely unintentional the portrait of Kermode thatmerges is of someone with an abiding passion for some of the nastiest films God Is in the Crowd ever made and whose career largely revolves around ranting into a microphone but who is also a genuinely nice guy with what I suppose we must call a strong moral core If you know who Mark Kermode is and havever Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoyed one of his reviews I suspect you willnjoy this book a lot If you don t know who he is well there s plenty of his stuff on YouTube check it out and then decide for yourself Fans of Mark Kermode will not be surprised or disappointed by this book Each chapter contains an The Matriarchs (The Family episode of Kermode s life told by him as if it were a movie based on realvents Along the way he introduces reviews and rambles on about the movies that shaped his life or at least his career as a film critic if you need some inspiration which movies to watch this is a good guide The book reads Notes for the Everlost essentially like a long version of Kermode s film reviews which is a good thing if you like them If no One of our Anglophile obsessions is listening to the podcast version of the Friday afternoon movie review show on 5Live featuring Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo or is it Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Mr Kermode is a highly opinionated film reviewer who has had a long and interesting career in the movie reviewing and film analyzing businessHis first book It s Only a Movie Reel Life Adventures of a Film Obsessive came out in 2010 and chronicles his life growing up as a movie fan He goes off to college in Manchester where he gets involved Like sitting down to tea with the great man himself If I drank tea which I don t Maybe it ll be a bacon sarnie instead then Except Marks a veggie You get the picture though It s got Mark in it a bit about films some real lifexperiences and some half made up stuffIt jumps about a bit and witters off in different directions for no reason but that s why we listen Especially for a book I bought two years ago to find info that wasn t ven in it this was a lot of fun The first couple of chapters I liked so much I thought I d be giving it 5 stars The nostalgia was perfectly pitched childhood 70s cinema 80s leftwing student politics and journalism That was being a proper student because of course being a kid at the time that s when. Film critic and broadcaster Mark Kermode has written a forthright account of a life li.

My idea of how students were was formed First time I tried to read it all the way through it was kind of overwhelming and I stopped after a few pages this time it was just perfect It was surprisingly wise about a number of things not only film And having not spent much time around film geeks for a while his nthusiasm was almost as No Biggy! exciting as when a few days after starting university a boy said to a group of us in halls Come up I ve got some great music I bet you ve never heard of Not in the arrogant hipster way that sounds on paper but with a naive soft spoken charm and thenthusiasm of a friend who really wants you to meet their pets I was one of two who had heard of nearly all of it and there was that new feeling of having found people Odd to have it Crush It! echoed by a mere book and by someone who in it doesn t display much overlap with my tasteven if via other media he did help form it It must have just been the right moment Subseuent chapters have rather too much brass neck and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ego and sheer stupidity at nearly 30 not to realise that Russia in thearly 90s would involve rough and ready conditions and travelling long distances really to be as charming as the first two but Kermode Deep Listening evidently knows this and I am in absolutely no position to criticise self awaregotists His opinions can be bulldozingly firm yet he suspects they may also be rubbish and at one point he describes his writing style as having Bird-by-Bird Gardening evolved from NME teaboy to pedantic dullard Which strikes a chord Though I think he s considerablyntertaining than that There are plenty of little things in here I identify with or which remind me of people I know which made it a very cosy read He is The Works of Saint Augustine evidently one of those for whom sheer dumb luck had a substantial role in his becoming famous though he s clearly also got some uality that made people overlook the initial fuck ups he made in most of hisarly brazenly blagged jobs Here he s funny and has an Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone enviable knack of making long digressions work Some GR reviewer has described him as making crap dad jokes but then it s already a while ago that I started to think some of Mojo looked genuinely interestingSomething that s largely off screen is his marriage to film professor Linda Ruth Williams They ve been together since university and there s a sense of a great and idiosyncratic dynamic which has at times involved them living in different cities for work whilst remaining a couple together it seems they ve both a lot in common and skill in living amicably with differences of opinion Kermode is well known for his love of gory horror cinema Whilst Injoy campy horror I hate gore and if ambushed by it in something I m watching like to make a sweary and muscular response such as that can fuck right off so as not to feel like too much of a wuss It turns out he s a vegetarian who refuses to watch anything with unsimulated animal cruelty I ve never uite been able to grok the phenomenon of peaceable sometimes sweet and uiet people who love horror but I ve met My Teacher Is a Robot enough of them to know they are real and that horror fan doesn t usuallyuate with depraved I have a somewhat similar fascination with less civilised periods of history ancient natural disasters and the like and as well as being an off grid hippie manu Supper Club e among the reasons are something about the tenor and sharpness of life which resonates which might be similar to the attraction of gory horror for its fans For me Kermode has always been synonymous with the mid 90s Mark Radcliffe show on Radio 1 and I haven t heard a huge amount by him since mostly written articles However to Kermode the Graveyard Shift was a relatively minor point and his greatest professional partnership is with Simon Mayo it s from those shows and subseuent fame that many people know him I got thisbook because I hoped it contained a list of all the films he d covered in the Cult Film Slot It didn t only alluding to a couple and yet again I regretted throwing away the notebooks in which I d listed most of the Cult Films and Cult Books from the shows I heard I always thought someone lse would have done the same and put the lists online but if they haven t by now they probably never will It s Only a Movie shows Kermode having such a love of geeky uber detail and recovering lost. Ved in film From his favourite movies to rants against Pirates of the Caribbean and th.

READ It's Only a Movie Reel Life Adventures of a Film Obsessive

Read Download It's Only a Movie Reel Life Adventures of a Film Obsessive –

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