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American Prometheus The Triumph and Tragedy of J Robert Oppenheimer was the Pulitzer prize winning book in 2006 This was a comprehensive biography of J Robert Oppenheimer and the birth of Los Alamos and the atomic bomb devised to bring the end to World War II with the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki The irony of this book may be that Oppenheimer as a young man came to New Mexico finding not only himself but that he oved this beautiful country Many years El hombre desconocido (Huérfano X 2) later I think that a regret that he had was bringing the attention of the world to northern New Mexico he craved the exhilaration and the invigorating calmness induced by Perro Caliente There was a rhythm now to hisife intense intellectual work at times to the point of near exhaustion followed by a month or of near exhaustion followed by a month or of renewal on horseback in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico We Vlad the Rad learned to watch the snow on the Sangres and toook for deer in Water Canyon Phil Morrison Noble Savages later wrote with ayricism that reflected the emotional attachment to the The Birthday Girl land that seized many residents We found that on the mesas and the valley that there was an old and strange culture there were our neighbors the people of the pueblos and there were the caves of Otowi canyon to remind us that other men had sought water in the dryandHaving spent my early childhood in Los Alamos I am still very conflicted about that time in our history Oppenheimer was not only the choice of General Groves but also the one who was able to assemble a group of physicists and scientists to come to a remote part of the United States and pioneer this daunting project Much of the genius of Oppenheimer was his uncanny ability to ferret out the best talent and to relentlessly pursue that talent and to motivate and inspire them However the underlying and dark theme throughout this book was the hysteria that was rampant in the 1950 s about communismThis is also a tale of a very complex man not only a brilliant scientist and The Social Rights Jurisprudence in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights leader and a true twentieth century Renaissance Man but one who was devastated with the human toll that was wrought with the unleashing of the science that he had shepherded This was a man who was well versed in Shakespeare and The Bhagavad Gita who spent many years urging nuclear arms control Today that pride must be tempered with a profound concern If atomic bombs are to be added as new weapons to the arsenals of a warring world or to the arsenals of nations preparing for war then the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and Hiroshima J Robert Oppenheimer on October 16 1946 We may beikened to two scorpions in a bottle each capable of killing the other but only at the risk of his own ife J Robert Oppenheimer 1953 Personally all that I new about J Robert Oppenheimer was his time during Project Manhattan and a few details about his show trial in 1954 This book managed to bring a ot context to these events and show me as close it is possible the real Oppenheimer What else can I say this is probably the best biography of J Robert Oppenheimer there is and together with Richard Rhodes Making of the Atomic Bomb and Dark Sun makes the penultimate atomic trilogy It was an interesting read and an interesting To Kiss a Count life though during the course of it I realised that Oppenheimer didn t appeal to me at all as a personThe background is interesting particularly the role of Communism in the USA during the Popular Front period of opposition to Fascism before WWII and how that then panned out in the 1950s ie what had been permissible came to be viewed as criminal even treacherous Purely as a result of this Oppenheimer s younger brother ended up effectively in a form of internal exile in the USA unable to work at all in physicsOppenheimer emerges as a compet I am in the middle of moving from one country to another so I just do not have the time to write a decent review of this excellent marvelous book Please if you are at all interested in either history or amazing people grab this book soon On closing this book the reader truly understands the atmosphere that swallowed up America during the era of McCarthyism and the Cold War The reader comes to understand Oppenheimer his creativity his imagination and his failings too Theist of the The Silent Pool (Erasmus Jones latter isong but boy do I admire the guy There is so much I could tell you about this man who I knew nothing about before I read this book except his From Boss to Bridegroom (Smoky Mountain Matches, label as the Father of the Atomic BombI don t regret reading Bomb The Race to Build and Steal the World s Most Dangerous Weapon but the two don t compare You in no way need to read one to read the other The first is about the bomb the Manhattan project and spying but this about Oppenheimer is about the person and his eraIistened to the audiobook read by Jeff Cummings I have no complaints with the narration Read the book or The Vineyard listen to it You choose which ever suits you best Just don t add it to one of those never endingists of books that you don t get around to actually reading This is a very thorough book in some respects and yet it is so narrow in scope I almost want to run out and read another Oppenheimer biography and some histories that cover the same time period to get the personal details and background history the authors assumed you knew in THIS book AlmostSure I m familiar with the basic details of WWII the McCarthy Era and the atomic bomb but if I wasn t this book wouldn t have helped much Instead the authors follow J Robert Oppenheimer s Wicked Nights life in detail from birth to death with aaser s focus on every political relationship and communist connection he ever had so much so everything else is in soft focus The book becomes at times a She Caught the Sheriff laundryist of names connected to their political affiliations and possible communist Ten Tortured Words leanings Even Robert himself is given short shrift to the communist uestion Every possible Communist connection is examined and re examined so often I feltike the authors had in effect become Oppenheimer s belated defense team Why did they feel Oppenheimer needed defending you may be asking Wasn t he a brilliant physicist the one who headed the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb Yes he certainly was Everyone in the scientific community was concerned that Germany was developing a bomb including Oppenheimer who was especially appalled over what was happening in fascist Germany and horrified about what was being done to the Jews He was eager to use his scientific skills in service of his country But the power of the bomb that was developed filled him with concern especially after seeing it used against a Japan that was essentially already defeatedOppenheimer felt that the use of such weapons should be regulated not just by the US and that secrecy would Shut Up Train lead to an arms race with the Soviet Union and he was right But his advocacy for free sharing of information and an international committee to guide the use of atomic power was not what the US government wanted to hear in the 50s His opposition to the development of the H bomb opened him up to suspicion and he was investigated by the FBI including the illegal wiretapping of his phonesOppenheimer had been working as a professor at Berkeley before the war and as aiberal thinker he had had friends and family who were Communi. J Robert Oppenheimer is one of the iconic figures of the twentieth century a brilliant physicist who NINE - Curse of the Kalingan led the effort to build the atomic bomb for his country in a time of war and whoater.

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For him the things that would attract his attention were essentially the difficult He had a taste for the mystical and the cryptic pg 99Oppenheimer s credentials and reputation proceeded himself and anded him the job at the Los Alamos Research Laboratory in New Mexico In May 1942 he was appointed director of the fast neutron research with the curious title Coordinator of Rapid Rapture Almost immediately he began to organize a highly secret summer seminar of top theoretical physicists whose job it was to outline a bare bones design of an atomic bomb pg 180At the successful detonation of the atomic bomb at the Trinity Site he ater told an interviewer I remembered the ine from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes his multi armed form and says Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds pg 309Eventually his past actions and who he socialized with put him in the cross hairs of the Department of Justice and the FBI His oyalty was uestioned after he had accusations of being a Communist sympathizer being unpatriotic and was deemed a risk to national security Towards the end of his ife he gave Boy Swallows Universe lectures at universities and dwelt on broader themes of culture and science He became a humanist pondering man s survival in an age of weapons of mass destruction pg 574I really enjoyed this one It was highly detailed and contained aot of thoroughly researched information I would recommend it Thanks Let s do the numbers599 pages of text256 books read for research44 articles and dissertations consulted41 manuscript collections pillaged10 government document collections accessed 1 Pulitzer Prize6 newspapersmagazines named it best book of the year19 uality blurbs41 The Secret Of The Cemetery listed abbreviations20 pageong index83 pages of notes 112 people interviewed several than once2 authors25 years in the making38 days to read across 3 cities23 corners folded by this girl to mark something fascinatingTo describe this book as merely well researched would be an insult It is an exhaustively thorough DK Life Stories Alexander Hamilton look at an important American figurethat I had never heard of when my dad gave this book to me as a Christmas gift several years ago I had a vague notion that J Robert Oppenheimer was in the newspaper business Oppie as I now refer to him was a brilliant physicist and character who headed the American development of the atomic bomb during WWII only to be stripped of his security clearance yearsater for petty political reasons When I finished this book I was all Oppie said the cleverest thing about insert topic and Oppie would have Vocabulario Figurado 2 loved this documentarybookcolor shirt I swear I was that annoying person who just achieved aikely one sided friendship with someone much cooler and can t shut up about it What exactly can you expect to Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars learn about MY NEW BESTIE in this book 1 Speculation about whether Oppie was a closet CommunistThere are paragraphs pages and chapters playing the was he or wasn t he game What exactly did heearn at that wacko school as a youngster Did he pay party dues Why didn t he report that conversation earlier Why did he meet with that person on that day The only person who really had the answer to the main uestion is Oppie and he said no Repeatedly This speculation may sound boring and it was at times but it was integral to the story as it Home Remedies later brought down a man who had devoted hisife to doing what he thought was best for this country2 Luminaries of the dayAs brilliant as Oppie was he was also surrounded by brilliant people After nearly every description of his physicist buddies there was a note that so and so went on to receive the Nobel Prize You will also earn about key political and military figures of the day And for all these people you will get than just a rehashing of their image You l get a uick glimpse of their personality weakness opinions antics This book breathes with characters 3 A critical era of American historyThe authors evoked not just the people but also stepped back and evoked the times starting with the rush to develop the atomic bomb before the Germans hurry hurry hurry and then the debate that followed Hiroshima was that really necessary what now build another It was a dicey time for America and the world I had earned some of this during my undergraduate but this book bought it home for me 4 Absolutely nothing about scienceIf you are curious regarding the specifics of how the bomb was built or the physics behind it you will be sorely disappointed while I was greatly pleased5 His wifeI have become increasingly interested in the stories of the women behind important men how they helped made their men great and even how they suffered for it For example I remember walking through a museum about Einstein a couple years ago and thinking his wife deserved a medal bucket of tears her own museum something for the crap she put up with And Oppie s wife Kitty was similarly intriguing Here is a brief review of her count em four marriagesHusband 1 Why you should read your spouse s diaryWhen Kitty was studying aboard in Europe she impulsively married a musician only to discover when she snooped in his diary that he was a gay drug addict Strike oneHusband 2 Voluntary poverty followed by voluntary deathKitty bounced back uickly and married a handsome American activist Although both came from well to do families they chose to ive in poverty to show their commitment to Communist ideals Kitty eventually got fed up with A Kiss To Change Her Life lifestyle and walked away The two were just starting to rekindle theirove when he was killed fighting in the Spanish Civil War on the side of you guessed it the Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings leftistsHusband 3 This is Robert calling Your wife is pregnant with my child Kitty s next pick was an emotionally distant doctor It was during this marriage that Kitty met Oppie and started some extramarital hanky panky When she discovered she was pregnant with Oppie s child Husband 3 and Oppie had a very civilized phone conversation where they decided it would be best if Kitty divorced one and married the other I really wish the FBI had wire tapped that call What kind of husband can calmly discuss his wife s infidelity with herover He must have been cold as a block of ice Husband 4 Loved by Oppie hated by everyone elseAfter all the duds Oppie was the one The general consensus was that Oppie s wife was a rude habitually tipsy and mediocre housewife as well as a cold mother Her one redeeming uality was her fierce oyalty to Oppie and his career Yet she seemed frustrated in his shadows having given up her burgeoning career in botany for his sake My favorite uote about Kitty was that she made small talk but she really wanted to make big talk Whew I don t know about you but Kitty wears me out And since she is not ikeable enough to be the subject of her own biography I am glad these authors gave her such good coverage here As many anecdotes that made me sympathize with her there were just as many times when I wanted to reach back in time and shake herThat s enough about Kitty It s not often that I have a picture of myself reading the book I m reviewing But today is your ucky day In a scene that is probably familiar to GoodReaders here I am reading my book off in a corner during a family get together image error. Er’s ife and times from his early career to his central role in the Cold War This is biography and history at its finest riveting and deeply informative From the Trade Paperback edition.

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St back when that meant opposition to the fascist regime in Spain and improving social conditions at home He had donated money to various causes through the US Communist party which wasn t unusual for the time His own brother and his wife had been members of the Communist party at one time although Robert himself never had been All of these connections were used against him by his opponents many years Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho later in hearings in the 50sEverything in the bookeads up to Oppenheimer s hearings before the Personnel Security Board team put together by General Lewis Strauss who was determined to both remove Oppenheimer from the Atomic Energy Commission and remove his security clearance Strauss had clashed with Oppenheimer over the development of the H bomb and had developed a personal antipathy to the scientist With the tacit consent of President Eisenhower Strauss set up a star chamber hearing to railroad Oppenheimer out using unfair tactics such as denying access to evidence and not releasing the Carrying the Greeks Heir list of witnesses to Oppenheimer sawyers ahead of time Oppenheimer became seen as a Galileo type martyr to the scientific community and though he was eventually rehabilitated and honored by President Johnson Oppenheimer never truly recovered from the hearingsAll of this part of Oppenheimer s Amish Sweethearts life we get in exhaustive detail What you won tearn so much about is Oppenheimer s personal Call Me Dan life which is present in the book but not examined Oppenheimer had a magnetic personality and many relationships with women that we hear just aittle about He had affairs even after his marriage to Kitty whose previous husband was a Communist who had died fighting in the Spanish Civil War I wanted to know about his relationship with Kitty a tempestuous woman with a big drinking problem We hear that the Oppenheimers gave parties where they Triple Dare (The Art of Seduction, lavished their guests with drinks but then skimped on the food That s fascinating I wanted to know about what was going on there and hear what people thought about it I wanted to know about his children and how they felt being raised in such a family We get tantalizing bits and pieces about how Robert tried to give his daughter away to another family at Los Alamos and never bonded with his son but then we are torn away to hear again about Communist stuff Can you hear my frustration Sure I figure there is WAY documentation out there on the Communist issue thanks to the FBI than to Oppenheimer s personalife and that s what the authors focused on They do a good job of presenting this information chronologically and clearly and if that s what you re interested in you won t be disappointed You will get every detail you could ever hope for But if you want to know Oppenheimer the man you will only get glimpses here The trouble with Oppenheimer is that he Broken loves a woman who doesn tove him the United States government Albert Einstein uoted in American PrometheusThere is way too exploding in my head after reading this tonight to write a full and even meaningful review I ve always been fascinated with the Manhattan Project and Semillas de Conflicto last year read Rhode s amazing book The Making of the Atomic Bomb I ve also read several of Richard Feynman s memoirs that detail aspects of his work and stories but this has been the fullest investigation I ve read into Oppenheimer sife Things I Skin Rules ll probably write a bit about tomorrow1 Oppenheimer and Modern Physicists as founding father s of the modern age2 The show trials of the AEC3 Disappointment in Bernard Baruch Teller American Institutions and even Oppenheimer3 Current atmosphere of suspicion of Science4 Current atmosphere of extreme vetting andoyalty tests5 Other Myths for Oppenheimer Pandora s Box or Flying too close to the Sun Impressive biography of J Robert Oppenheimer the nuclear physicist who went from obscurity to international fame as the director of the Manhattan Project to ignominy and exile over his ambivalence towards nuclear weapons and The Secrets of Ivy Garden leftist political views Bird and Sherwin depict Oppenheimer throughout as a genius whoike many great men and women is riven through with contradictions and personal foibles He s a great Indias Economic Policy lecturer and mentor to students and juniors but somewhat ill at ease around peers and non scientists a devoted husband to J Robert Oppenheimer is called the father of the atomic bomb which is a shorthand way of saying that we know he did something important as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project but we just aren t sure what that was What I mean is that Oppenheimer never made a great discovery or proposed a great theory He wasn t Rutherford explaining the atom s nucleus He wasn t Bohr modeling the atom He wasn t Lawrence inventing the cyclotron to smash atoms And he wasn t Fermi developing the nuclear reactor Oppenheimer was a synthesizer an understander and an explainer His genius and he was a genius was to know what all these other geniuses were talking about and to be able to put all these different discoveries together to create something good Or in this case the atomic bomb American Prometheus is a hefty biography of this enigmatic brilliant flawed man The dual authors Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin spent a great deal of time on this book and it shows Along with an impressive bibliography they have conducted personal interviews with key players The fact that some of these interviews date to the seventies show that the authors have been at work on this project for aong time much A Girl Called Malice (Facing the Music, longer in fact than it took for Los Alamos team to churn out a nuclear weapon The fact that these guys worked soong is a pretty good indication that they are fans of J Robert This is also obvious from the title an allusion to the Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the mortals For this crime Prometheus was punished During the day he was chained to a rock and had his The Prince and the Quakeress (Georgian Saga, liver eaten by an eagle During the night hisiver regenerated and was eaten again the next dayOppenheimer makes for a great character and in a way the allusion to Greek mythology is apt and something Oppenheimer himself would have enjoyed He was brilliant and not just in the sciences His interests and his intellect encompassed poetry phi I thought this was fascinating J Robert Oppenheimer had a uniue upbringing I found very interesting He grew up in a nonobservant Jewish family and completed grade school in a private institution called The Ethical Cultural Society This was a Judaic reformist school where students were taught Ethical Imagination to see things not as they are but as they might be pg 19Oppenheimer described his childhood My ife as a child did not prepare me for the fact that the world is full of cruel and bitter things pg 21 He was described as odd neurotic and depressed by his university classmates He eventually had a breakdown where he attacked a classmate pg 47 His poor social interactions and self alienating behaviors ed him tell a friend I need physics than friends pg 91He was brilliant extremely intelligence and internalized the knowledge he acuired He eventually read the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads in the original Sanskrit pgs 99 102 His deep reflection and internalizing of the Gita would have a heavy impact during his work on the atomic bomb He iked things that were difficult And since almost everything was easy. Found himself confronting the moral conseuences of scientific progress In this magisterial acclaimed biography twenty five years in the making Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin capture Oppenheim.

Kai Bird is an American Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist best known for his biographies of political figures He has also won the National Book Critics Circle Award for biography the Duff Cooper Prize a Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship He is a Contributing Editor of The Nation magazineBird was born in 1951 His father was a US Foreign Service officer