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BOOK Young Stalin BY Simon Sebag Montefiore – latinboyz4play.com

Bettie s Books Wow what a cool guy Real Robin Hood bank robber taking from the rich and giving to the central committee always one step ahead of the tsar and his okhrana henchmen Lot of affairs with bolshevik babes and I guess he ran some kind of underground journal Badass Also lots of cool stuff about going into exile and being ulled around on reindeer sleighs and escaping exile And some good clowning on that nerd TrotskyNot going to bother reading the seuel about his life after 1917 Assume he either continues being a very cool guy or mellows out a bit February 2016 then on 31 July and 1 Aug 2018 edited for clarityListened to this on Audio CD Fascinating Very well read by James Adams Paints Stalin as much intellectual than most describe him One cause Trotsky was a owerful writer who totally misjudged and demeaned Stalin and has had much better ress Another reason socialists who still love the idea of socialism find it very hard to justify and explain how the Soviet Union could fall Rant prey to this man Stalin had toaint him as an evil no nothing not a roduct of the sy. Based on ten years' astonishing new research here is the thrilling story of how a charismatic dangerous.

Stem he Lenin Marx Trotsky and the rest createdDid you know the city of Vienna in 1913 was where ALL the following eople li I can imagine a clickbaity description the book Stalin does not want you to read While historical and well researched in its nature this book reads like an action novel and it s one of the best character studies I ve ever read It s entertaining intense revealing and sobering at times showing how a tyrant is made Having been to some of the Challenged to Win places described in the book it all becomes a bit even tangible I wish history was written like that A good book can be both informative and accessibleMy only ualm is related to the description of the relationship with the 13 year old which is seen as a seduction rather than what it was Yeah the times were different but the kid was treated terribly We can acknowledge that As I amlanning to read Stalin Court of the Red Tsar I thought it would make sense to read this volume first and I am so glad that I did This volume takes Stalin from his childhood up to 1917 and encompasses so much I knew very little about Stali. Boy became a student Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons priest romanticoet gangster mastermind rolific lover murderous revolutionary

Summary Young Stalin

N before reading this and so this was full of surprises for me It begins with a bank raid of which Stalin was involved in many to get money for the cause Montefiore writes as though this is fiction rather than fact and really draws the reader in Mind you much of Stalin s life reads like fiction We have the overty stricken childhood the over The Color of a Leader protective mother and violent drunken father A child who is obviously bright and intelligent whose father is opposed to his receiving an education Always in trouble always rebellious Stalin s young life contained many contradictions He almost became ariest was always an obsessive reader and inspired great loyalty friendship and love Yet he was argumentative took deep dislikes to Into the Planet people held a grudge was thin skinned and was indeed always in trouble In later years this resulted in several visits torison and to exile including to Siberia The book states a little Dusk (Rosales Saga, piece of Siberia remained lodged in Stalin for the rest of his life I enjoyed this biography immensely and look forward to reading on with the second volume in this biography. Nd the mercilessolitician who shaped the Soviet Empire in his own brutal image How Stalin became Stal.

A thrilling work of fiction Montefiore weaves a tight satisfying plot delivering surprises to the last page Stalin's chilling charisma is brilliantly realised The novel's theme is Love family love youthful romance adulterous passion One Night in Winter is full of redemptive love and inner freedom Evening StandardGripping and cleverly plotted Doomed love at the heart of a violent society is the heart of Montefiore's One Night in Winter depicting the Kafkaesue labyrinth into which the victims stumble The Sunday TimesCompulsively involving Our fear for the children keeps up turning the pages We follow the passions with sympathy The knot of events tugs at a wide range of emotions rarely experienced outside an intimate tyranny The TimesThe novel is hugely romantic His ease with the setting and historical characters is masterly The book maintains a tense pace Uniuely terrifying Heartrending Engrossing The Scotsman “Delicately plotted and buried within a layered elliptical narrative One Night in Winter is also a fidgety page turner which adroitly weaves a huge cast of characters into an arcane world” Time Out“A novel full of passion conspiracy hope despair suffering and redemption it transcends boundaries of genre being at once thriller and political drama horror and romance His ability to paint Stalin in such a way to make the reader uake with fire is matched by talent for creating truly heartbreaking characters the children who find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy the parents A gripping read and must surely be one of the best novels of 2013 ” NY Journal of Books Not just a thumpingly good read but also essentially a story of human fragility and passions albeit taking place under the intimidating shadow of a massive Stalinist portico The National Seriously good fun the Soviet march on Berlin nightmarish drinking games at Stalin's countryhouse the magnificence of the Bolshoi interrogations snow sex and exile lust adultery and romance Eminently readable and strangely affecting Sunday Telegraph Hopelessly romantic and hopelessly moving A mix of lovestory thriller and historical fiction Engrossing The Observer“Gripping Montefiore’s characters snare our sympathy and we follow them avidly This intricate at times disturbing always absorbing novel entertains and disturbs and seethes with moral complexity Characters realfictitious ring strikingly trueIt is to a large extent Tolstoyan ” The Australian“Enthralling Montefiore writes brilliantly about Love from teenage romance to the grand passion of adultery Readers of Sebastian Faulks and Hilary Mantel will lap this up A historical novel that builds into a nail biting drama a world that resembles Edith Wharton with the death penalty” Novel of