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This is an amazing book brimming with sarcasm and wit I have never forgotten the ever amazing Mousebok s family dictionary with its subtle dose of twisted ealism and humour Twenty two years after A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners reading it it s still with me This is one of the strangest and weirdest collection of stories I veead in some time some of them completely sail over my head and others are just incredibly off putting But this book manages to each three stars for two easons 1 AL Kennedy has an incredibly smooth writing style in spite of the head scratching subject matter and 2 a number of stories in the collection are absolute gems whether its through a sense of humour with penguins or a melancholy story about never meeting your idols especially etired writers Kennedy s second collection with a novel written or at least published in between She touches on some of the same themes as the previous collection still does a lot of monologues but this collection has a broader ange of styles even a traditional story with scenes The Mouseboks Family Dictionary is a brilliant experiment I d call it post modern but it harks back to Ambrose Bierce s The Devil s Dictionary Even if imitative her use of a dictionary to tell her story is innovative and funny yet deadly serious An extremely good short story collection She has a very distinctive voice There are some very funny stories On Having More Sense The Mousebok s Family Dictionary and some dark creepy bizarre ones that are funny in a very off kilter way A Perfect Possession Mixing With the Folks Back Home A standout for me though was the sweet and haunting Christine A major talent Opening a collection of short stories is a little like getting into a lift or. Exposing and exploring the sinuous undercurrents of violence anguish and love AL Kennedy examines the nature of the individual both in isolation and society as character.

Terse mini portraits we ange the world from Kennedy s adopted home of Glasgow to London from Wales to Paris and from ural America to an ocean cruise In similar scenes we glimpse individuals a fatuous guru a twisted puppeteer an underage prostitute a ballet dancer all with hopes and fears but each one ultimately lonely or alone contemplating abandonment past and present abuse creeping age and certain death Frighteningly Kennedy is able to get into the heads of fundamentalists sociopaths and psychopaths and see the world from their warped point of view from the controlling parents in A Perfect Possession to the committed guerrilla in The Boy s Fat Dog from the fan verging on stalker in Warming My Hands And Telling Lies to the serial killer s lover in Mixing With The Folks Back Home You might think that it s all bleakness in these tales but there is some leavening We have a perfect take on the paranormal in Christine humour in On Having More Sense and satire in the ather strange The Mouseboks Family Dictionary But there is something sad about the collection as a whole hinting at the strangeness that esides in every one of us however much a view of normalcy we might try to project to the est of the world The problem is I m going to be a little anxious about getting into a lift in future if the world is eally inhabited by disturbed or damaged people such as the ones that Kennedy so effectively portrays here It s a tribute to her language and descriptive skills that we almost believe they inhabit our eal world ather than merely esiding in her imagination Now That You e Back is an impressive but disturbing portrait gallery of characters both haunted and hauntinghttpwpmep2oNj1 D6. Tion of impotence the humour of discomfort as human beings chafe together the crazed claustrophobia of the family adn the wildly funny esults of an eccentricity unleash.

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ebook book Now That You're Back – latinboyz4play.com

Elevator if you prefer you never know who ll get in for how long they ll ide whether you e likely to engage with them or what elationship if any they are likely to have with each other Your curiosity may or may not be piued you may wrinkle your nose at the smell or be embarrassed at the enforced intimacy however transient What you do know is that like any passenger in the lift you e unlikely to be vouchsafed someone s life story that your experience will only produce brief and probably blurry mental snapshots of your fellow travellers And so it is with this collection of A L Kennedy vignettes In virtually every tale the eader arrives in medias es you pass through gates straight into the midst of the action such as it may be trying to guess at characters motivation context elationships tone and as each story concludes you never uite know if you ve got a handle on it all if your grasping at the situation attains something substantial or merely thin air Sometimes a story eflects this seeming lack of substance in Failing to Fall the narrator allows others to dictate what happens to him but emains lost and directionless when not told to get into a taxi to who knows where In Armageddon Blue the protagonist is literally all at sea with her life having cast off her previous elationships and in hope than in certainty seeking both landfall and answers in the near future And in the title story of the collection a young man is looking for his lost self will he find it back with what emains of his family at the edge of the world where the land merges with the sea and the sky We sincerely hope so though even with the final It s all ight we can never be sureWithin these taut and often. S define and deny their chosen identities While showing us the unlikeliness of intimacy and the impossibility of communication Kennedy also eveals the subversive libera.

Alison Louise Kennedy is a Scottish writer of novels short stories and non fiction She is known for a characteristically dark tone a blending of realism and fantasy and for her serious approach to her work She occasionally contributes columns and reviews to UK and European newspapers including the fictional diary of her pet parrot named Charlie

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