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Mixed feelings for this book I finished it in less than 24 hours which means I didn t give it the attention and thought it might have needed and for that I can t say that any of Freud s ideas stayed with me in depth I don t now if it s the fault of the greek translation the book s or Freud s ideas themselves The art was interesting though I always love stories presented in this way even though it wasn t really comic in the sense of funny it was of an narrative decisionThanks Argyro for lending me this Seems like an an otherwise good simple introduction to Freud s ideas but I don t think it s right at this point to present them without noting how much they re subject to criticism ie mostly wrongThe illustrations are just barely good enough not to be too amateurish and due to the topic freuently mildly obscene I like the Introducing series The Beginner Books Their cartoon format and irreverent wit make difficult ideas accessible and entertaining NewsdayEverything you need to now about neurosis libido ego and id but somehow it slipped your mindFreud for Beginners is a perfect introduction to the life and thought of the man whose discovery of psycho.

Hey really do make complex theoretical literature accessible This one was especially uick to read and clearly explained Indeed in comparison to Lacan s convolutions Freud seems positively staid Of course Freud s work has filtered into the mainstream far thoroughly so his terminology seems much familiar than Lacan s This book provides a useful explanation for what Freud actually meant though as the vague understanding I d gained from popular culture was incoherent It s funny how many of Freud s terms have entered popular speech really Someone being anal about something a Freudian slip apparently his term was parapraxis and the Oedipus complex occur in conversation with relative freuencyActually it s interesting to compare Freud s current Well this was a super fun readI was delighted when Wasee Ahmed Rafi sent me this book as a gift I was alrea. Analysis revolutionized our attitudes towards mental illness religion sex and culture This documentary cartoon book plunges us into the world of late nineteenth century Vienna in which Freud grew up We explore his early background in science his work as a therapist his encounter with cocaine and his theories on

Dy familiar with this series I d previously bought Introducing Postmodernism and Introducing Modernism and I enjoyed them both This one was no exceptionThe book takes you on a brief truncated tour through Freud s life and ideas The writing is punchy and to the point a paragraph per page at most Although the writer doesn t go too in depth regarding any of the ideas that is because it s not the purpose of the book It s supposed to be an introduction and it does introduce everything there is to now about Freud competentlyBut the highlight of the book is the illustrations Often providing necessary humor but never compromising clarity the artwork in this book is splendid I would love to see an animated version of the book documentary style If you were ever curious about Freud but all those heavy books ept you at a distance please give this a try. He unconscious dreams the Oedipus Complex and sexualityWe meet his family his friend and enemies and his patients The Rat Man Anna O Little Hans and we get an insider's view as the psychoanalytic movement is launched The zany art and probing text do an extraordinary job of simplifying Freud without trivializing

Online book Freud for Beginners –

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