Read ebook Bloodflower by Christine Hinwood –

Read ebook Bloodflower by Christine Hinwood –

45 starsI understand many eaders don t like stories that stray away from formula or predictable fantasy narrative structures but 31 Originally posted hereI ordered a copy of The Returning by Christine Hinwood because it s blurbed by two of my favorite authors Megan Whalen Turner and Melina Marchetta Of course I had to ead it It also ecently eceived the Printz Honor Plus both the premise and the cover looked intriguing The writing is certainly different from anything that I ve ever ead I m not even sure what genre The Returning falls under I feel like it s a mix of both fantasy and historical fiction Fantasy because it s set in a different world made up locations Historical fiction because aside from the setting I feel like it could be a story set in the past There s no magic in The Returning The whole book focuses on the aftermath of the war between Uplanders and Downlanders and how it affects the various characters I had a mixed eaction to this book I m glad I got to ead it because I was intrigued but I didn t end up loving it as I expected It took me a while to get into the writing because of the shifting points of view I felt like I couldn t hold on to one character long enough for me to like him or her Also it s a uiet kind of novel in the sense that nothing big or dramatic occurs After all we e getting a glimpse of what life is like AFTER the warOverall I think it s a good book but I m afraid it s not something that every eader will enjoy Like I said I m not a fan of the shifting POVs At the start of the novel I felt like every chapter was narrated by a different character I think there were four or five various POVs Just when I was starting to oot for a character the POV changes I did like how everything came together in the second half of the novel but I was surprised at how fast the latter chapters moved in comparison to the earlier ones The first half spanned months while the second half jumped a couple of years ahead I liked that it s a complex novel and that Christine Hinwood created so many layers to the story we see what it s like for a veteran soldier to go home what it feels like for the family he left behind how hard it is for him to make friends I also liked the bit of omance weaved into the story but it felt underdeveloped I think the narrative would have worked if the novel was longer because eaders would get to know the characters As it is I liked the book a lot before I ead it because it had so much promise I feel bad because I could have fallen in love with The Returning but didn An intense story of love loss and turmoil in the aftermath of war A first novel by a uniuely talented authorVivid compassionate and totally absorbing Bloodflower follows the fortunes of young Cam Attling and all those whose fates entwine with his Cam has a hunger an always hunger; it drives him from hom.

If you e curious about this book I ecommend that you still give it a try because you might end up liking it a lot than I did I ve seen mixed eviews for Christine Hinwood s debut novel some loved it while it didn t work for others so I guess it eally depends on the eader Although the average ating of 325 stars strongly indicated Beware this book is not for everyone I never would have guessed that I might be one of those unlucky specimen the book prefers not to talk to My conviction which even esulted in my ordering the book in spite of my friend Arlene s offer to include me in her book tour that Bloodflower and I would be very compatible had been sustained by several powerful factorsA The cover is so very beautiful but in a different way than some suspicion arousing young adult covers that have no connection to plot or characters whatsoever The ichly patterend ed cloth in the background and that strong callused and sexily dirty arm encased in leather armor which clearly belongs to Cam the young main character ecently eturned from a war made me want to own exactly this edition and not the pastel colored one by the other publisherB Melina Marchetta one of the authors whose work I adore and who does not throw around blurbs and praise and advertisment about all her peers or tour mates work like it has become the custom among young adult novelists wrote I can t tell you how much I loved this novel I cried through the whole last chapter from the sheer beauty of these characters and their world which made me want to go on eading until the end so I could wring out my tear ducts in the same way that she did since in my experience life like and likable characters are the main ingredient in the majority of those books which made me love them I wanted to love the book and the world and I even glimpsed the shadows of the characters ability to become endearing to the eader in the very first chapter The first word which comes to mind when I think about Cam and his fami Bloodflower is difficult to put into words It s a beautiful ead full of complexity meaningful themes and natural character development Set in a country ecovering from war turmoil and grief still aplenty with citizens displaced and a new uler on the throne Cam eturns to his family psychologically and physically scarred from his wartime adventures and the town of Kayforl is wracked with tall tales of his supposed betrayalThere are many characters including Cam that are interwoven throughout this novel in a series of vignettes Initially this is a concept. E to war from north to south When he eturns from war alone all his fellow soldiers slain suspicion swirls around him He's damaged in body and soul yet he ides a fine horse and speaks well of his foes What has he witnessed Where does his true allegiance lie How will life unfold for his little sister hi.

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That easily confuses the combination of a Middle Ages derived setting with a plethora of people and places can muddle the brain Slowly and surely the tales of these characters from across the country start unravelling their connections breaking and eforming with others Hinwood has created a truly absorbing ead that has the power to move and entrance the eaderThe characters are easy to invest in with their distinct voices perspectives and cultural hythms Expertly crafted these well ounded complex and driven individuals bounce off one another in intriguing ways Whilst Cam is the sun in which the other characters evolve it is his betrothed Graceful that entrapped me She s an unbecoming and particularly dour character for a majority of the novel however there is something so elatable about her stubborness that I found myself very invested in her future Hinwood s characterisation is top notch and slightly eminiscent of fellow Australian author and endorser Melina MarchettaBloodflower is intriguing perplexing and emotionally ich Hinwood has debuted with a uality work that explores the strength of the human spirit the tenuousness of elationships and the lengths in which we strive for connection A distinct voice with beautiful language and ich characters Bloodflower is a fantastic fantastical ead It took nearly half the book for me to figure out what direction the author was taking was it a book about class about eturning from war about life in the vaguely Middle Ages about love both heterosexual and implied homosexual about culture clashes That it took that long doesn t usually bode well for the ending There were too many characters introduced with chapters all from their different points of view this added to the confusion A couple of the characters at first appeared important but then virtually disappeared later on Set in a mash up of Japan and Scandinavia The Returning takes place shortly after a war in which the Uplanders defeated the Downlanders Cam eturns to his village the only one from there that does eturn so of course there s that tension why him why only him what happened to the others We meet his sister Pin along with his family his soon to be ex fiancee his boyhood friend and others We also meet his new Lord Ryuu and his son Gyaar who for some eason saved Cam s life and offered him a position within his household See what I mean by confusingUltimately the strands intertwine but by then I was eading only to see if they would not because I was eally invested in the storyARC provided by publisher. S closest friend his betrothed his community and even the enemy Lord who maimed himWith extraordinary insight and literary skill Hinwood weaves their stories to create a tale of omance adventure and everyday life in croft and manor house and castle Her style is uniue Her characters will hijack your hea.

Christine Hinwood was born in England and grew up mostly in Australia but also in England and America She's always written When she was very small she used to sit and make up stories in her head while cuddling her security blanket; she called it 'having a thought' then and told people she'd have to talk to them after she'd finished itChristine studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMI

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