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Different author Maybe when you are buying a book like this there are no mistakes It was a surprisingly compelling read I had gotten through half of it before I d ven realized I was actually reading it The whole thing sort of took me by surprise While the story ncompasses the struggles a terrified mother has over the health of her fragile child it was kind cheerful and generously helpful to any reader facing any slough of despond I was depressed yesterday and woke up humming today Go figure I m not very religious but I thought she did a good job of xpressing the torment that an individual feels when an important part of their lives goes awry The torment the search for answers the search for fixes Putting one s life on hold until the situation is fixed This was a powerful book and Rabbi Naomi Levy is a courageous woman Rabbi Naomi Levy has a good life She is the first woman admitted to a Conservative Rabbinic School a rising star as a Rabbi in a local Synagogue delightfully married to her best friend the mother of son Adi and daughter Noa When her daughter was six she is Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue examined tested uestioned probed and prodded to determine the cause of her lack of coordination and freuent inability to walk without stumbling Initially she was diagnosed with Ataxia telangiectasia A T a rare neurodegenerative inherited disease causing severe disability most kinds with A T don t make it out of their teens p5 such news would shake any parent causing them to revaluate their priorities and face some very scary For this bright articulate fai. Storyteller Levy has written a book filled with invaluable lessons for living in the present and for opening the door to an xtraordinary future Hope Will Find You is a book that will be passed to friends when life gets confusing a book that will rest on our bedside tables when we are searching for hope and direction.

This is a LIFE CHANGING bookEvery human being should be reuired to read this book at the age of 12 and to re read it once annuallyIt contains many truths we know but hesitate to put into practice Many of the xamples are Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) extraordinaryIt could be seen as a self help book for how to live lifeBUT it s messages and way of speaking to the reader are powerful than other such booksI read a bit slowly and it took me two nights to read the 240 pagesPut aside twoveningsREAD THIS BOOKYou ll be glad you did An interesting voyage of spiritual doubt and re awakening Levy shares her frustrations and doubts in the face of a faith challenging Gone (Gone, event the possible diagnosis of a degenerative disease for her daughter We should all have such supportive family and community I am impressed inspired andornvious of the multi faith connections from chevrutah to building share For those of us without Talmud and rabbinic wisdom at our fingertips is this book a tale of hope for us in our time of need that we too will get through whatever difficulties we face or is it too particular and less universal This book was just what I needed It spoke Threads Of The Shroud elouently and powerfully to all the various situations in my life I read this amazing book in two days I could not put it down Rabbi Naomi Levy has written such an inspiring honest book sharing her ownxperiences and journey faced with the challenge of her daughter s All Seated on the Ground experiences of suffering and joyI loved how she isn t afraid toxpose her fears and uestion of faith in spite of being a Rabb And importantly the. How can I get my life off hold When will my life really begin We all ask ourselves the same uestions when we are struggling to move forward As a rabbi Naomi Levy freuently offered spiritual guidance to people seeking the answers But when a doctor told her that her young daughter Noa had a fatal degenerative disease.

Explanations from biblical texts combined with her style of writing was so moving I highly recommend this book to all Rabbi Levy s book is one of the most unusual faith books I have read She was counseling with a family who had a daughter with A T a degenerative neurological disease Within two years on a Sabbath Friday night she received a phone call from her own doctor and the diagnosis of her own daughter was A T This book is filled with humorous situations Rabbi Levy and her husband son and daughter find themselves in It is a story of how God works in many situations There are freuent uotes from the Old Testament and Yiddish proverbs My favorite Man plans and God laughs This is a book I want others to read and share with their friends too I Untitled. enjoy Naomi Levy s books and her perspective very much She s honest and thoughtful and I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with hard realities I won this book from a TV show contest I never win anything I ve been struggling with a lot of things in the past year and here comes this book in the mail I couldn tven remember seeing the segment on the show but I m thinking I like books I ll read it and selltrade it off at the used book store But if hope will find you this book found me right when I needed it It really spoke to me I feel like I was MEANT to have this book It is one I will keep treasure and read than once which I rarely do any book It is one of the best books I have Wiring ever read What a lovely book I actually bought it by mistake thinking I was buying a book by Rabbi Levy’s own insights could not prevent her whole life from unravelingIn Hope Will Find You Naomi Levy shares her journey and the wisdom she gained She describes with humor and honesty how she came through a time of uncertainty and fear and learned how to stop waiting for life to begin A natural andngaging.

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BOOKS Hope Will Find You author Naomi Levy – latinboyz4play.com