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Like I ve earned any new insight on the presidency Very few nuggets of information were actually new and his analysis of Obama s actions and governing style O Colégio de Todos os Segredos lacked depth The 280 some pages read as of a reader s digest of recent events and can easily be substituted with archived articles from the Huffingtom Post Sub Woodward the comparison is not meant as a compliment political tick tock Some illuminating moments but mainly unsurprising if you have occasionally read the New York Times over the course of the past three years Pedestrian self serving interviews are its backbone so I suppose that s not surprising Even frustrating these pedestrian observations are bundled to support grandiose pronouncements And damn its transitions are unwieldy Still it is a breezy four sitting read and featuresots of Joe Biden uotes so it can only be so bad This book is written by an insider who March Violets (Bernie Gunther, loves Obama and it s not very informative It s sympathetic cheerleading and would have benefited from another round of careful editing Wolffe s prose is mainly good pleasant and easy to read so occasionalapses in its uality are noticeable I Zoete tranen like the idea of this book to outline what President Obama wants to do and how that conflicts with what he has to do as part of his job and getting things done The problem is the bookacks objectivity for at Water Music least the first half if not 23 Once the author stops fawning over the President the book improves greatly It s an interesting insideook at the chaos inside the White House and the difficultly in picking a staff that has the necessary credentials and ability to work together That may actually have been the most interesting part the outlining of how they put the team together and how different personages work within the systemThis book seems to be aimed at the casual reader who is curious about how President Obama is coping with his first year in officeprobably people who haven t read a newspaper in a while though this is admittedly much Revived less attack filled Not a book that you could use to write a paper but a decent refresher of the current events and crises of the past year and how they were handled by the White House Worth reading if you are interested in all things Obama Really 25 stars the author obviously put aot into the book and it didn t suffer from being particularly dry for such a wonky topic However it did seem a bit dated even after barely a year Unfortunately for Wolffe Jonathan Alter came out with a similar somewhat though not entirely overlapping book The Promise President Obama Year One first I Student Research Projects in Calculus listened to the audio and must confess that Wolffe s British accent was a bit disconcerting when he read the voices of the American personalities though in the end not a deal breaker Some interesting insight and access to Obama but a bit disconnected as itooks at the health care debate and some of the foreign policy issues around 2010 Kind of blends in to the many other Obama inside access books that have come out recentl. He presidential campaign On the other side are the Survivalists who believe that government demands a ow minded set of compromises and combat At the center of this compelling story is a man who remains opaue to supporters staff and critics alike What motivates him to risk his presidency on health care What frustrations does he feel at this incredible time of testing Written by the author who knows Obama best Revival is a frank and intimate account of a president struggling to adapt enduring failure and outfoxing his foes It is a must read volume full of exclusive insights into the untold and unfinished story of a new force in world politics.

I don t disagree with the theme of this book Obama is a revivalist who wants good for America Republicans are bad Yet I don t ike the way the case for those conclusions has been madeRichard Wolffe is not one of those partisans who are biased to one side over the other He present himself or at Love for Imperfect Things least I see him as a journalist whose opinions are based on facts and grounded into reason And in making the case for any of those conclusions he would demonstrates the facts and reasons for those conclusions Unfortunately this is not the case hereWhile the book is full of analysis to the transformation of the Obama campaign as it moved to the White House and faced the realities of governing it sight on reporting There are no new insights into the White House as you find Game Change does to the 2008 campaignsOne thing I really didn t A Heart of Stone like is making assertions about people and policies without explaining how did you jump to those assertions One example is the description of Larry SummersThe book maybe right about conclusions but that is not what youook for in a book You can get that in a short TV segment Maybe my expectations were wrongThe book makes a good case for Obama It s a good chance to see things how Obama sees them It reflects the authors knowledge of the president In theory the what Wolfe set out to provide is the sort of reporting that journalism should be providing However the Taking Instruction (Taboo, lack of an editor or need to maintain journalistic standards to someevel hamper this book finding Wolfe often seemingly defending the president the way one would a good friend who is facing criticism not the way a journalist which which to my reading is what Wolfe wants to be seen as Overall the book provides some good prospective on Obama his thought proccess and what actually goes in to governing and does back up my general defense of his seeming inaction as president however it falls short of the goal of being an detailed journalistic evaluation of the first half of the Obama Presidency Enjoyed the book though it felt a ittle unfocused and meandering in places Overall Jonathan Alter s The Promise offers a much in depth analysis of Pres Obama s first year plus in office but if you re ooking for a somewhat uicker read which primarily focuses on the period between the Ma I Divertimento love Richard Wolffe and while I enjoyed this book I found it ateast in the early sections much Love Is a Fairy Tale less compelling than Renegade My reaction may have been partly influenced because the early part of the book focuses so much on the impact for the administration and the Democtrats ofosing the Massachusetts Senate seat to a Republican While that was significant at the time it pales in comparison to the recent developments of the mid term elections when the Democrats Promise at Dawn lost their majority in the House of Representatives Still I also had some issues with the content I feltike the first half of the book provided fewer of the behind the scenes anecdotes that made Renegade so compelling There were a ot of. Revival is the dramatic inside story of the defining period of the Obama White House It is an epic tale that follows the president and his inner circle from the crisis of defeat to historic success Over the span of an extraordinary two months in the ife of a young presidency Obama and his senior aides engaged in a desperate struggle for survival that stands as the measure of who they are and how they govern Bestselling Obama biographer Richard Wolffe draws on unrivaled access to the West Wing to write a natural seuel to his critically acclaimed book about the president and his campaign He traces an arc from near death to resurrection that

Passages with Wolffe providing Bangkok Wakes to Rain lofty almost philosophical context for what was going on and a broad description of what he called the Revivalistet s change the world vs Survivalist The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery let s focus on what we can get passed camps inside the White House He had aot of uotes from David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel but those too were broad viewpoints about the political andscape and their sense of Obama s personality I didn t want to read a treatise I wanted to see people in action and tidbits you don t get in the daily news In the whole section on the health care debate I didn t get a ot of details that I didn t already know That may be because I followed the health care debate on a day to day basis until I couldn t take the daily frettting over whether the public option was in or out and decided to turn off Countdown ignore the articles on the Huffington Post until there was a final bill passed Halfway through the book though my experience of it changed There were fewer of those Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? long winded philosophical discussions and behind the curtain glimpses of how these pople think and act The book really picked up in my mind when it shifted to the administration s treatment of the Haiti earthuake crisis and the war in Afghanistan I kept wishing Fox news watchers and Glenn Beck fans would read this book because they d discover the man they want to call a demagogue is anything but he has such a measured reasoned way of coming to decisions He s far from the socialistic idealogue they insist he is I know they won t read it it seems than a few on the right think Wolffe is an Obama hagiographer Sadly in reading the book I started to fear the country is ungovernable because the extremes have taken over both parties and someoneike Obama who wants to stake out a compromised ground in the middle doesn t stand a chance But I finished the book Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den last week and today Dec 7th 2010 Obama s coming under considerable attack for agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts Many on theeft Frank Rich Rep Anthony Weiner and even Bill Maher are accusing the president of being a wimp or a victim of Stockholm syndrome in Rich s term and not understanding that occasionally in negotiating you have to take a combative hardline stance in order to move the opposition toward compromise The progressives are insisting Obama always gives in before he s tested how far the Republicans might move or be forced by political pressures to move Time will tell but it l be interesting to see if Obama s measured analytical almost academic approach to information gathering and weighing options that Wolffe depicts here could ultimately be Obama s undoing This book claims to give exclusive insight into the struggle between two competing factions inside the Obama White House The revivalists former top campaign aides to the president and survivalists Washington insiders who want a pragmatic approach to governing The material only covers a 30 day period from February to March 2010 After reading the book I don t feel. S a repeated pattern for Obama first as a candidate and now as president Starting at the first anniversary of the inauguration Wolffe paints a portrait of a White House at work under exceptional strain across a sweeping set of challenges from health care reform to a struggling economy from two wars to terrorism  Revival is a road map to understanding the dynamics characters and disputes that shape the Obama White House It reveals for the first time the fault ines at the heart of the West Wing between two groups competing for control of the president’s agenda On one side are the Revivalists who want to return to the high minded spirit of

Characters Revival by Richard Wolffe

Read book Revival by Richard Wolffe –

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