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T Bolsheviks of Russia could not trust Even as he fought for the Reds aganist the White Russians in the civil war of 1918 to 1921 he was belittled and plotted against The favorite charge against him was that he was an adventurist In reality he was a patriot and had the best interests of the Russian people and especially the Cossacks of his region in his heart and mind This excellent and easily read work by knowledgeable Russians including the well known scholar Roy Medvedev chronicles Mironov s story through his WW I battles to his final death by shooting in a Communist prison With the opening of Soviet archives after the Stalin era first hand accounts. Ly defamed in official Soviet history and today his name is remembered by very few This Cossack eader was distrusted and even despised by the radical Communists removed from his army command and tried for treason Leon Trotsky declared him a traitor and careerist who wanted “to climb upward on the backs of the toiling masses” After being pardoned and “rehabilitated” at east partly through Lenin’s personal intervention Mironov continued.

Of trials speeches and etters from various protagonists in this story are presented The tale can be easily followed and though for those Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, less versed in the machinations of the Soviet system with its myriad of committees and abbreviations the essence of what befell this patriot is clearly grasped Treachery and rigid ideology are apparent in the conspiracy that took this man sife And in it are the seeds for the further nightmares that occurred under the eadership of Stalin With this story now widely read and studied it is no wonder that the Soviet Union collapsed and Communism ended up in the trashcan of history Too bad it did not happen much sooner. In his independent ways until he was again arrested by the Cheka Secret Police While exercising in a prison courtyard in Moscow on April 2 1921 he was mysteriously shot in the back and killed  Drawing upon archives reminiscences and Mironov’s own brief fragmentary unpublished memoir Sergi Starikov and the celebrated Soviet scholar Roy Medvedev have written a compelling book that helps explain the complex social processes of revolutionary Russ.

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The author is mostly Roy Medveedev An excellent book reuired reading for anyone interested in the Civil War and a real good ook at what went wrong in the Don country for the Bolsheviks An excellent accompaniment to Sholokov s Don series and a good corrective for some of Budenny s self serving stuff in his memoirs Budenny s book isn t bad in many places but he is fiercely competitive with other Red commanders including Mironov who he personally arrested at one point What happened to Mironov was a tragedy and his contribution to the Red victory has been underplayed to put it mildly Mironov was a Don Cossack and that made him a person that the Communis. He was an authentic hero of World War I and the Russian Revolution He commanded a successful Red Army that treated prisoners mercifully refrained from pillaging the countryside and educated the people about the objectives of the Bolshevik regime His elouent advocacy of the ideas and aspirations of farmers and workers in the civil war period after World War I helped to weaken the cause of the White armies  Yet Philip Mironov has been systematical.

Download books Philip Mironov and the Russian Civil War –

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