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Explanation French to English of the true meaning of the poem the 30 minutes time for reading this short book is one of the most beneficial 30 minutes of a half century lifetime I look forward to the next book books of this series I like the book it made me think a lot compared to the the length of the book the book is short but full of meaning Not like a lot of pop science book s where the scientist put in his idea in 20p spaced out in a 250p book and the cowrither or the scientist put in a lot of other science mostly the same as in other pop science books and somtimes small coments how it in some way connect to the subjectsThe Intro is great and make a lot of senseIt meade me see paganism in a another lightI it made me understand a of human nature and cultureThe translation was of Prymaskvida I unsure how to spell it whith English letersIntrestingOne improvement the Varg can make to the English version is to phush verse 5 to next page so the rest of the verses original and translations come on the same pages I found myself fliping fort and backThe interpretation of the story was intresting But I am not convinced jet so I have to read and think firstThe build uality is wery solid even solid then some hard backs resistant to teraring and force Instead of curling of the cover you get from most paper backs you get the the front page standing up at a angle from the book I prefer it to normal paper backsPs I am not a native English speaker Varg Vikernes kicks ass and I m pretty sure that this is his wife that helped write this book I own all his books except his roll playing books These books are worth it Short but sweet Don t get too focused on grammar here English is not the authors first language may not even be their second and they tend to write in a speaking st. Meaning of Þrymskviða The book is small 58 and 50 pages and easy to read.

characters Paganism Explained: Part I: Thrymskvida

Pdf Ebook Paganism Explained: Part I: Thrymskvida é Varg Vikernes, Marie Cachet – latinboyz4play.com

Although it s kind of short it gives exactly what it says on the cover I noticed a tiny typospelling mistake in the English translation but it s not a big Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, deal Iidn t know anything about paganism really until now I ve read this It s interesting if you want to get into the meaning probably a very good interpretation of this taleI m going to buy the rest as well A uite short book but it contains all that I expected from it An introduction by Varg Vikernes followed by the rymskvi a with its English translation Then an explanation of it and advice on how to interpret it by Marie Cachet I was than happy to read it because it gave me a completely new way of thinking about this for me since long well known text I am looking forward to read the coming next volumes in what is promised to be a series of booklets Hopefully they might even come in a higher uality collection volume one The Friend Zone day Presents interesting theories but without a shred of evidence or reference to back them up Strident ranting and patronising simplification No references In a book such as this academic style reference are essential you are treading on this ice and you need to prove where you have walked from to stay credible as well as permit your readers to explore your sources themselves and further the conversation Itoesn t stay credible and there is no pretence at a Flying Scotsman Manual dialogue with readers or a stand on the shoulders of giants kind of intellectual legacy And the author is a neo nazi of the Nordic Nationalism breed Very veryisappointing on all counts Really interesting book and it makes a lot of sense Given me a great appreciation for the knowledge the people from those times had like that they knew how hormones were an integral part to some of the stages of childbirth It Alpha (Shifters, does nothing to explain what. The first book in a series where we unveil the Native Europeaneities In.

Paganism is 90% of the pages are full of story lines between Thor and Loki It reads in a Whalerider disjointed fashion of non related subject matter I can only assume that this is a self publication Total rot An honest open independent and enlightened work This is truly from theepths of ages Worth every cent This really helped my head and soul I have always loved fairy tales I love you Varg and Marie Xxxx Amazing book I am a huge fan of Varg Vikernes s work and I am giddy at each and every book him and his wife writeThe book is clear and to the point It has Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex deep meaning that can be rarely found Great book I would recommend it to anyone interested in their heritage European Paganism The writings of Varg and his wife which perform an analysis of the origins and meaning of pagan practices and beliefs are throughout the entirety of this series truly excellent I may be theistic than Varg but I believe that he has thoroughly uncovered certain elements that are at the root of Indo European cultural identity This book and the others in its series are an immensely important contribution to rebuilding a sense of Indo European spiritual and cultural values in a society that wants to see usestroyed and marginalized Amazing explanation of what is called the Norse myth Thrymskvida of the Poetic Edda Instead of a curious story about odd battles between mythical beings Thor s hammer etc Marie Cachet s uniue and very original explanation of the poem emonstrates that it was and is an intellectually advanced scientific medical explanation of birth and a proof of rebirth as realized by the Nordic peoples of the so called prehistoric times Together with Varg Vikernes presentation of the Norse language poem and its English language interpretation and with his translation of Marie Cachet Part I we tell you the basics of Native European Paganism and explain the.

I am a Norwegian family man musician Burzum game designer MYFAROG and writer and I run a Vlog on YouTube and BitChute as uot;Thulean Perspectiveuot; I grew up in Norway but also have spent one year in Ira and currently live in France My interests are tabletop role playing games HEMA archaeology pre history pre Christian European religion and survivalism

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