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C part of her body in most cultures And even where nudity is accepted the inner folds of her vulva are the most private This delightful book shatters that dichotomy Each two page spread presents one charming young lady Verso a closeup of her face recto her inner folds unfoldedAll the faces seem fresh and young differing in all the. Portraits of each woman's face and vagina are veritable revelations In full page illustrations these 'double portraits' reveal the astonishing beauty and consummate form of the female sex which has every right in the world.

Thank you I truly enjoyed my journey though this beautiful and erotic book I was particularly taken by the confidence by which these women display their most private of features Such a wide variety of vaginas I had no idea I anxiously await additional volumes from Frannie Adams recomendo A woman s face is perhaps the most publi. Does the shape of a woman's vagina reflect her character and appearance It's a daring hypothesis but the portraits of vaginas in this unbelievable photobook seem to prove that it's really true These direct juxtapositions of.

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Details that give each woman her uniue charm The second photo however displays human variation at its most marvelous Some petals unfold widely for the camera others barely peep out from between the outer lips Each fold each opening each shade of coloring presents a new way for the woman s uniueness to express itselfOther books like. To be called by the affectionate nickname 'pussy' No two are alike and each one is presented here in this photobook with a proud and self confident smile on the face of its proud possessor Text in English German and French.

Libérer Epub Pussy Portraits ↠ Par Frannie Adams –