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Er at his reuestHe came across to me as a nice guy with great people skills which undoubtedly helped him in his successes He gave the impression that nobody could have done what he did both due to the times and other factors such as his talent for recognizing and nurturing talent and hits I m not uite sure if that s true but his success certainly cannot be argued with I felt a little warmly toward him after reading this book than I did previously after hearing the complaints about him from Mariah Carey and the late Michael Jackson I find it ntirely credible that Jackson turned against him due to the financial disappointment of one of his albums However why Jackson would call him a racist I have no idea I don t think this claim was based on sour grapes but Mattola did not go into itI was also a little annoyed by comments he made about his first marriage and his marriage to Mariah Carey I don t see why he said his marriage to Mariah Carey was inappropriate Sexual harassment is considered inappropriate not usually a marriage Just because a marriage does not work out why call it inappropriate in hindsight Obviously I was not there during his first marriage but to call a near 20 year marriage a mistake also seems a little strange to me This Berlioz and His Century especially as he became what the father of his first wife was the head of a major music company All in all it was an interesting book to read Though I would not go so far as to say that I could not put it down it certainly did not bore me. D to and developing the career of Mariah Carey managing Michael Jackson'smotional ups and downs and the power struggle with his onetime boss and mentor Walter Yetnikoff Hitmaker will take you inside this world of power money and fame as he recounts the fascinating dealings with countless icons and what it was like to be at the top when the business suddenly changed Tommy's story is one that will never be duplicated and here it is in his own voice for the first ti.

Brilliant bookI ve been waiting for Tommy Mottola to write a book like this for years His wealth of Aristotles Rhetoric experience in the music industry as well as being the man for years made me not want to put this down Definitely didn t disappoint After first hearing about him after I became a Mariah Carey fan and seeing how her success was as a result of him fans can t deny this his ideas and marketing skills which made CBS and then Sony the number 1 record company it was really interesting reading about how he started out the other artists he worked with and how and why he was and will always be in myyes the best music industry professional Blood Runs Green ever Simon Cowell No it s all about Tommy Mottola I received this product on time and it has been a great read so far No complaints Great bookasy to read behind the music stuff about Mariah Carey Celine Dion and This was an interesting insight into this man and the music industrygood book but not uite as interesting as those books about backstage antics P However you get the sense that he s leaving things out and tidying up his image It did provide a good summary of his work at Sony records and I found it Charting an Empire engaging than Clive s latest biography But I m not sure if most of what he says is true Great book I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to read and learn the true story of Tommy Mottola THIS IS A MUST READ Not because of all the trash cause it s not here But to learn of a very important man that was at the ground breaking time when our. Much has been written about Tommy Mottola one of the most powerful visionary and successfulxecutives in the history of the music industry He discovered developed and launched the careers of many superstars including Mariah Carey Celine Dion Shakira Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan and is credited with creating the Latin Explosion He has had the privilege of working alongside Bruce Springsteen Billy Joel Bob Dylan Beyonce Michael Jackson Barbara Streisand the Dix.

Music industry started I promise you won t be disappointed NAMASTE Mr Mottola Great read to Colored Property expose the reader on how it all happens to succeed in the music industry beyond I bought itxpecting it to be in very good condition which it is for the most part but there is a number 1 written with blue marker on all the pages on the side I didn t like that Other than that the story itself is interesting Tommy does a lot of name dropping and seems to perceive Mariah as of a business deal than anything Desire and Truth else Tommy s story is told like you re sitting there right next to him Unfortunately in the past I ve sometimes believed the bad press about him but this autobiography proved he s a stand up guy that took the hits for a lot of things he was innocent of but also shouldered the blame for any mistakes he had made on his own Great account of the music biz from one of the top guys who helped decide the music we love today I thought this was a very interesting book That said I think most people including me would not have heard of Tommy Mottola had he not discovered and married Mariah Carey So it would have been nice if he had said a little than a few paragraphs about this He may have been deserving of renown but truly I think his dealings with Mariah were his main claim to fame to most people I got the feeling he was writing this book with a lawyer sitting near his arm to make sure he wasn t sued for anything he said At the least I am sure what he wrote was reviewed by than one lawy. Ie Chicks Pearl Jam Aerosmith Tony Bennett and Ozzy Osbourne among other music giants This is his story a story of the modern music industry from Elvis to the iPod through theyes of the man who made much of it happen Hitmaker recounts how a kid from the Bronx and a college dropout became one of the music industry's most creative and controversial CEOs For the first time Tommy lays bare the facts behind the most sensational aspects of his life such as being marrie.

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Hitmaker: The Man and His Music EPUB ↠ AudioLivre Par Par Tommy Mottola,Cal Fussman ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, Ebook or Kindle PUB Libérer