( En ligne The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated): Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn ) Ú Par Diana Gabaldon – latinboyz4play.com

Prompt service well packaged what I was expecting A beautifully presented book Compelling reading Interesting illustrations The paper its printed on could be of better uality pnly time will tell if it will age well If you are an Outlander fan this book will be a treasure for you to eep and read again and again It s stuffed with historical information on that period in time when the books begin and dotted with myths legends and folklore pertaining to that time The illustrations are wonderful as is the content both written and drawn It s a lovely book to curl up with as an accompaniment to the series Diana Gabaldon has imagined Recommended Is this a must have to be able to understand and traverse Books 1 4 No however it makes the experience of the books so much fuller and richer than just reading the books alone I personally am fascinated with the Author Diana Ganaldon She s a fascinating woman that was ahead of her time Data Technology back in the day and a great seeker of all things history Diana explains how she became a writer and makes things I normally would skip over in any other book fun to read and a fascinating journey to help inspire others to embrace their hidden Author consider writing and never give up I look forward to the second volume of The Outlandish Companion to be released within a matter of days covering the second four of eight books published to date from The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon This Companion book is not a novel but a tome put together to answer a myriad of uestions posed by fans and others about the author the books the series characters and even some of the history behind the stories In some ways this is how I d have expected a All you ever wanted to now about Diana Gabaldon and her craft but were afraid or unable to ask book to be It is so much because you are drawn into an understanding of how this author crafts her books You also appreciate that she does what scarcely any other historical novelist has done that I m aware and that is her companion book contains an entire chapter devoted to all of the errors from the first four books that to date either Gabaldon has determined herself or has been made aware of by her readers All sorts of interesting information and stories related to the content of the first four novels comprising The Outlander Series is found in the Companion not to mention. Number one New York Times best selling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated millions with her critically acclaimed Outlander novels the inspiration for the Starz original series From the moment Claire Randall stepped through a standing stone circle and was thrown back in time to the year 1743 and into a world that threatens life limb loyalty heart soul and everything else Claire has fans have been hungry to now everything about this world and its inhabitants particularly a Scottish soldier named Jamie Fraser  In this beautifully written compe.

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( En ligne The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated): Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn ) Ú Par Diana Gabaldon – latinboyz4play.com

Ce and my expectations from the many raving reviews I was left a bit disappointed However I still think the Outlander series is wonderful some of the most entertaining fiction I have ever read or watched I love these stories and this book fills in the background detail that would have slowed the pace of the novels if it was included there Wow If you are a fan of Outlander then this is the book Diana Gabaldon does an outstanding job of providing information on how she came up with Outlander One of the things I like most about the book is the section on how she does her research Also she has a section listing the herbs Claire uses as a healer The entire book is a fascinating read on the subject of all things Outlander Very interesting to see her frame of mind thought patterns while working on these books While it is a just a companion book if you want to have a uick guide while reading the books for reference this works well since the author wrote it herself What I mean by this is that I bought other Outlander guides not worth the money at all So I guess you get what you pay for so having one based written by Diana Gabaldon is fun to have with all the books I wouldn t suggest reading it instead tho as she fleshes out the stories in her books this is like an outline she used for each book so while it does tell you the stories they aren t exactly the same as the books themselves I realize now I would have gained insight if I had purchased this while reading the first books However they came as a gift and thus I didn t even now of the Companion existed until I had finished the first vol I checked out the Companion at a bookstore and here on and decided it was too expensive But I was wrong When I finally did get around to purchasing it I immediately understood it would have been worth the earlier price as it is such a valuable adjunct to reading the books All the uestions I had been noting on some scratch paper all the words I wanted to look up the history side bars the locations realfictionaleverything was explaineddefinedelaborated upon and MORE I whole heartedly urge everyone reading any of the Outlander series to get this book as you will never be sorry for all the wonderful back story and asides and definitions and translations the maps the footnotes the resources for your further discoveryIT S ALL HERE IN THE AUTHOR S WONDERFUL STYLE. Raphy  Essays about medicine and magic in the 18th century researching historical fiction creating characters and   Professionally cast horoscopes for Jamie and Claire  The making of the TV series how we got there from here and what happened next including My Brief Career as a TV Actor  Behind the scenes stories from the Outlander TV series set  For anyone who wants to spend time with the Outlander characters and the world they inhabit Diana Gabaldon here opens a door through the standing stones and offers a guided tour of what lies within.

Bibliography pronunciations and a listing of other authors and books to turn to during the wait for the next volume nine If you have read all eight books as I did between May and September of this year and are addicted then this methadone list is a blessing Most appreciated in this newly revised version are some stunning photographs from the 2014 15 Outlander TV series season one produced for STARZ After having perused this book I feel as though I have met and enjoyed lively in person discussions with Diana and I m hoping to be eually happy with the second Outlandish Companion especially because in my estimation Gabaldon s novels have become better and better with each subseuent publication My expections are that the second Companion will be outlandish ha than the first For any outlander fans really helps to re visit the story Love this idea of collective research all in one place It shows how much goes on in a writer s mind behind the books I was extremely excited when this arrived a tome to devourThis book will refresh memory and answer uestions on everything mentioned in the earlier books A fantastic read that also contains synopses of the first four books including family trees and much It is not something you need to purchase to fully enjoy the book series but if you re a fan you ll love all the extra info This is a must for any fan of the books and the television show The book gives a who s who list of the characters for the first four books This is extremely helpful as each book is MASSIVE and has a ton of characters which often are only in that one novel This way you won t be thinking Who is this again Also there is a summary of each book so even if you re read them often you can I truly love the Outlander series and am eagerly awaiting book 9 and the Starz season 5 I thought this would be a good time to try the Outlandish Companion especially given all those 5 star reviews Alas I found large sections of it to be of limited interest I am a fan of Diana and it was interesting to hear how she approaches story telling and how she started writing What I wanted was background information about the characters and perhaps to elaborate on their stories and such Now there was some of that but there was much in the way of lists of things and old Compuserve dialog I guess it just didn t make me want to read every page Considering the pri. Ndium of all things Outlandish Gabaldon covers the first four novels of the main series  Including  Full synopses of Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Voyager and Drums of Autumn  A complete listing of the characters fictional and historical in the first four novels in the series as well as family trees and genealogical notes  A comprehensive glossary and pronunciation guide to Gaelic terms and usage  The Gabaldon Theory of Time Travel explained  Freuently asked uestions to the author and her sometimes surprising answers  An annotated bibliog.

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