Libérer Livres Burying the Honeysuckle Girls –

Ritten and a real page turner Couldn t wait to find out how it would all end but now feel sad that I ve come to the end Story lovers will know what I mean I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book that contains depth and mystery and a story that leaves an imprint on your heart I hope we will hear stories from Emily Carpenter as this is a wonderful first book and can t wait to read that like this one contains a little bit of magic Who were the honeysuckle girls This story was headed somewhere special and then got sidetracked somehow Doesn t go deep enoughtoo many twists and turns that don. Mobile Alabama determined to reconnect with her estranged ailing father While Althea doesnt expect him or her politically ambitious brother to welcome her with open arms shes not prepared for the chilling revelation of a grim long buried family secret Fragile and desperate Althea escapes with an old flame to uncover the tru.

Sometimes hard for me to hold the different family members in mind but a superb read none the less Having been in a Victorian built asylum with my late father Schizophrenic i found the story sadly believable and thrilling Story involving four generations of women abused and murdered by males in their families each story confused and unclear mental illness drug abuse religion and aspects of the supernatural involved Does someone really find out they are pregnant two weeks after the act I finished it hoping it might improve and make some sense It didn t This is such a amazing book so very well Althea Bell is still heartbroken by her mothers tragic premature deathand tormented by the last frantic words she whispered into young Altheas ear Wait for her For the honeysuckle girl Shell find you I think but if she doesnt you find herAdrift ever since Althea is now fresh out of rehab and returning to her family home in.

Libérer Livres Burying the Honeysuckle Girls –

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T make a lick of sense It s a shame because I found it enjoyable to read but ended up not liking the story and plot ending It is hard to believe the intricate cover up going on at the end and I feel the author didn t really know how to finis The story kept me turning the pages and I enjoyed the 2 stories present and past However there are 5 generations of women and their husbandskidssiblingsaunts and uncles to keep track of and it did become somewhat confusing I suggest creating a family tree type of outline for all the characters so that it will be easier to know who is who in what time perio. Th about her lineage Drawn deeper into her ancestors lives Althea begins to unearth their disturbing historyand the part shes meant to play in itGripping and visceral this unforgettable debut delves straight into the heart of dark family secrets and into one womans emotional ourney to save herself from a sinister inheritan.

EMILY CARPENTERnbsp;a former actor producer screenwriter and behind the scenes soap opera assistant graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Auburn University Born and raised in Birmingham Alabama she now lives in Georgia with her family You can visit Emily online at emilycarpenterauthorcom