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S are wide ranging and informative tying it all together like the right rug will o for a room Well crafted translation and Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book discussion combination for modern relevance Contains both Daoist and Dudeist verses Kudos to the author for the interpritive sections I like how the use of references empowers the explanatory sections to speak to current paradigm Recommended This book really ties the Dudeist Taoist room together especially for our modern timeIt will guide the casual Lebowski fan to theeeper Dude within A much A Study in Scandal (Scandalous deeper read than I expected yet full of sharp wit and humor lest we get very unude Letting it Go dudeOliver Benjamin is a gifted writer with a broad knowledge of spiritual wisdomA poignant uote from the bookBy acting as an example of Taoist virtue the Dude reminds us that even though religions may no longer make sense of the world and that modern academia suggests that there is no universal truth perhaps there is still an ethical bedrock upon which we can rest our bones For fans of The Big Lebowski who want aeeper and philosophical view of The Meaning of the Dude It s not just about bowling rugs and White Russians Plus for those who like the Tao te Ching This book provides the Tao alongside the Dudeist version of the same verses However there is real power and good sense to be found in the Notes for each verse For those looking for a lifestyle that goes with the flow you can t beat this guide Lots of F words like the movie might be offputting to The One Who Stays (Summer Island, delicate sensibilities Disclosure I m an ordained Dudeist Priest so Iig this stuff. Help show the similarity between Dudeism and TaoismDudeism is an authentic religion with nearly 400000 ordained Dudeist Priests It is inspired mainly by Taoism and the Coen Brothers' 1998 film The Big LebowskiPlease visit Dudeism at udeismcom to find out.

Free read The Dude De Ching: New Annotated Edition

epub Ebook The Dude De Ching: New Annotated Edition Par Oliver Benjamin – latinboyz4play.com

It is nice to have a copy of the The Tao Te Ching again The Dudeism passages are interesting but would most likely raw nonplussed looks of confusion from those not familiar with the Lebowski source material Overall a pleasant book for Dudeists and fans of the film I would recommend it to all serious students of religion official or otherwise who are not uptight or too reverent Not for those easily offended but for those sincerely searching I Smijurija u mjerama didnt stumble on this book I went looking for it like I imagine most people that read ito if you are a udeist I would say its essential reading if you re a taoist it s a bit of fun if you re neither you probably wont get much out of it either way I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to anyone that has interest in reading it If you are in to either Dudeism or Taoism this is a great book which gives a new slant on the Tao Te Ching Although I have read the Tao Te Ching many times I found this version very refreshing and particularly enjoyed the commentaries I really enjoyed this book it is eeply spiritual and yet worldly i love the way it combines the most serious of matters with humour Of course you have to enjoy the Big Lebowski and get its subtle or not so subtle reflectionsI thoroughly enjoyed the format the use of the Dude language first and then a formal translation on each of the 81 verses of the Tao followed by a longish yet very insightful reflection I thought i would race enthusiastically through this work as i id Oliver s other book The Abide Guide but it really benefits NOTE This is a new annotated version of the Dudeist classic containing 81 essays explaining each verseThe Dude De Ching is an interpretation of the Tao Te Ching for followers of Dudeism This is a brand new version completely re written with a new translati.

Rom slow savouring In my opinion Oliver is a real sage for our time i have read hundreds of spiritual books but this really oes pull everything together I The Ring Of The Dove don t necessarily agree with the pairings of Dudeism koans with the Tao but it is entertaining and thought provoking Not only that it contains the Tao though now I am hungry to see other translations and transliterations As an ordained Dudeist priest I already knew I would like this book What Iidn t know is that reading it when I m having a bad anxiety The Lost Literature of Medieval England day would soothe and untangle my nerves I m no psychologist and I m sure this wouldn t work for everyone but it s a very calming book Super awesome insight into this amazing system of belief Give it a goOron tEIther way live an awesome life Dude A fun read A modern Dude twist on a great literary work that teaches the philosophical virtues of Taoism I like how the original version is also included to help in comparing how we see life now I found this book enjoyable and inspiring and I often re read portions when mood hits MH Lopez Ordained Dudeist Minister since 2014 The Dude De Ching by Oliver Benjamin is a remarkable work Benjamin has rendered erstwhile esoteric concepts accessible to all He presents the Tao on three levels The Dude The Tao and Oliver Benjamin Even if you ve never watched the movie The Big Lebowski The Dude will enlighten you Even if you ve not read the Toa Te Ching you will see that this work stands on its own Benjamin intertwines popular culture and ancient wisdom to brilliant effect His commentary essay. On of the Tao Te Ching and new illustrationsThis funny and inspiring book of spiritual lessons will help you take it easy and abide in the face of any gutterballs that are thrown your wayEach verse is followed by the original verse from the Tao Te Ching to.

Oliver Benjamin is the founder of The Church of the Latter Day Dude better known as Dudeism a religion with over 600000 ordained Dudeist Priests worldwide He wrote and illustrated The Tao of the Dude and The Dude De Ching compiled and edited Lebowski 101 and co wrote The Abide Guide a Dudeist self help book He is also a travel writer The Outsiders Guide to Thailand and a novelist Holy Shit Unpublished novels include Big American Breakfast and AbyssiniaHis websiteshttpoliverbenjaminnethttpdudeismcomhttpdudespapercom