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Beautifully written I could not put this down My heart ached the entire time for San San eagerly hoping for a good turn Lovely novel about what it s like to not be the favourite child in an oppressive nforgiving environment You begin to root for San San early on in the novel her perseverance and smarts gets her through her various hardships I love reading stories with strong courageous independent thinking characters and I hope there will be a seuel to this book My only critiue would be that the last few chapters were rushed and I missed out on the detail I was accustomed to in the ready of the book Enjoyed this book but plot was a bit light weight at the end Fascinating story abou. Complex and rich Chens story serves as a fascinating window into a niue period of history and the plight of one displaced family Harpers BazaarThe day nine year old San San and her twelve year old brother Ah Liam discover their grandmother taking a hammer to a framed portrait of Chairman Mao is the day that forever changes their lives To prove his loyalt.

T a difficult time in China s history Interesting insights into the culture and politics of the times I honestly felt like I was sucked right into the story and felt the emotions and turmoil of the characters This is a book I am sure I will be reading again and again What I found most interesting about this book is that it shows what it was like to live in the times of Mao and how the people were indoctrinated to believe he was the greatest leader on Earth and they could not live in a better place But not everybody was so easily deceived Bee Kim grandmother of San San and Ah Liam angry at what they had to endure destroyed the picture of Mao that every house was forced to have Ah Liam Y to the Party Ah Liam reports his grandmother to the authorities But his belief in doing the right thing sets in motion a terrible chain of eventsNow they must flee their home on Drum Wave Islet which sits just a few hundred meters across the channel from mainland China But when their mother goes to procure visas for safe passage to Hong Kong the governm.

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Lire Bury What We Cannot Take: A novel –

Eported her to the authorities and their life would change forever They had to flee their home and try to make it to Hong Kong Seok Koon her daughter in law had to get permits to leave the country alleging that they had received a letter from her husband in Hong Kong telling her that he was very sick had a few days to live and wanted to see them for the last time However these permits were very difficult to get and in the end she was only given 4 for fear that they would not return to the country One of them would have to stay behind She knew she had to make this terrible decision but how could she An agonizing decision with terrible conseuences that will haunt her for a very long time. Ent will only issue them on the condition that she leave behind one of her children as proof of the familys intention to returnAgainst the backdrop of early Maoist China this captivating and emotional tale follows a brother a sister a father and a mother as they grapple with their agonizing decision its far reaching conseuences and their hope for redempti.

Kirstin Chens second novel Bury What We Cannot Take Little A March 2018 was named a best book of the year by Entropy Popsugar and Book Bub and a top pick of the season by Electric Literature The Millions The Rumpus Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle She is also the author of Soy Sauce for Beginners She has received awards from the Steinbeck Fellows Program Sewanee Hedgebrook and the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference among others Born and raised in Singapore she currently resides in San Francisco Visit her at kirstinchencom