Lire En ligne Lunagirl Taken –

Lire En ligne Lunagirl Taken –

Hed tightly duct taped her love holes are sealed with vibro panties and she is transported to an nknown location As soon as Lunagirl finds out she is being taken by her crazy so called fan she starts her desperate attempt.

On Friday night after another boring rescue mission superheroine Lunagirl tries to release the stress in her favorite gym where she meets Sanae The mysterious fan girl frightens LunaOnce Luna gets home she is brutally ambus.

summary · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Linda Danvers

To escape but her super powers are gone and she is as strong as any other girl of her age yet she manages to escape and starts her desire for revenge but as you may know Sanae is not an ordinary enemyThis is CENSURED versio.

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