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Pulsory reading at school or at least the concepts like past life future life present life all running at the same time the reality of parallel dimensions not including all the other things that are going on behind the scenes Earth is a far interesting place than we could even give it credit forand how we came to be here this book contains over 600 pages of knowledge and truths that has been hidden from s since time immemorial Now is the time for all of Desire Island - The Niece us to wakep to who we really are and our real missions in lifeenjoy I have read almost all of Dolores Cannon s books and they have helped me to disc. Past Life TherapySection 2 Ancient Knowledge and Lost Civilizations3 The Cat People A Different Sphinx4 The Goddess Isis5 The Hidden City6 Escape From Atlantis7 Ancient Knowledge8 Taken to SafetySection 3 Advanced Beings and Karma9 Children Create Karma10 Life in Non Human Bodies11 Stranger to Earth12 Work During the Sleep State13 The First of the Seven14 Advanced BeingsSection 4 The Wise People15 Remembering the Wise One16 Searching for the Wise OneSection 5 Other

Over who we really areJane Roberts wrote Seth Speaks and this was another revelationI hope others will have the curiosity to want to know who we are and when you find outyou will discover we really knew this all alongLove and Peace x Anything Delores writes is a must read Amazing just love Dolores s work Another winner Bends your mind like a pretzel Do yourself a favour and read it I didn t like anything about it I didn t like the Sweet Valentine uestion and answer format Poorly constructed and it seems to be madep none sense It didn t gel for me couldn t continue reading Didn t ring true at all from my perspectiv. Lanets17 Life on Other Planets18 The Planet with the Purple SunSection 6 Time Portals19 Guardian of the Portal20 The Aborigine21 Time Portals for Future BeingsSection 7 Energy Beings and Creator Beings22 Mysteries23 Another Energy Being24 If You Think You Create25 An Energy Being Creates26 A Creator Being Returns HomeSection 8 Stepping Off the Deep End27 The Dreamer Dreams the Dream28 A Different Alternative to Walk Ins29 The Multi Faceted Soul30 The New Earth31 Fina.

Read & download The Convoluted Universe - Book Two

READ The Convoluted Universe – Buch Two Autor Dolores Cannon – latinboyz4play.com

Great read with lots of infoa good mind opener for those who wants to know than life as we know itLots of confirmation that life is infinite in a multi dimensional wayWhat it boils down to regards to any knowledge sharing is our own personal perspective and truthTake what feels right for you find within you what your looking forA must have book for your library at home This book is a continuation from book 1 and i cannot even begin to explain how exciting this series of books are mind blowing mind bending doesn t come close but i know her words to be of truth and enlightenment This books should be com. BOOK TWO OF THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE SERIESMore Mind Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts Hidden Underground Cities Energy and Creator Beings Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions Raising of Vibrations and Freuencies to Shift into the New Earth Characteristics of the New Earth The Universal Language of Symbols Splinters and Facets of the Soul Life on Other PlanetsTable of ContentsSection 1 Benefits of Past Life Therapy1 My Beginning in Hypnosis2 Normal.