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Rtist Way Workbook and The Artist Way Morning Pages are actually insightful and I am ready to begin my New Year with a purpose However The Artist Date 52 Ideas is so silly and almost insulting that it is difficult to believe that Julia Cameron wrote this book It is not that an Artist Date is objectionable this book is objectionable Don t bother What can I sayJulia does it again Who doesn t love ideashelp when venturing out and trying something new I ve been reading Julia Cameron s books for than 20 years but I am finally going to attempt to give the Basics real effort rather than halfies it I m ready. Cameronpresents 52 ideas for Artists Datesone for each week of the yearthat will inspire and delightAlso included in this e special is an excerpt from The Artists Way for Parents the most highly reuested addition to Camerons canon of work as well as an excerpt from The Prosperous Heart in which Cameronoffers the practical financial tools to guide you to prosperity in all areas of your life.

Helpfulback on trackhelps me stay focusedand happy Most of the Artist Date suggestions really aren t good ideas for a DATE They re tasks And the rest of the booklet makes an artist date sound complicated than it needs to Nothing new to glean here I m reading the Artist s Way and was totally stuck for artist date ideas so wasn t doing them This inexpensive little book came through In my opinion it is well worth it some of the ideas for a date don t involve going out somewhere but can be done at home What a relief They nearly all seem fun and doable things I would never have thought of It is a handy Julia Camerons groundbreaking Artists Way program has helped millions of individuals around the world discover their creative selvesIn this invaluable companion to The Artists Way Cameron provides further insight into one of her most powerful Artists Way tools The Artists Date The Artists Date is a block of time that aspiring and established artistsdevote to stepping aside from their work

Esource since I used up all my own ideas I can flip through it and find a date that appeals to me Many choices I highly recommend it if you re stuck for date ideas and really wanted to follow the exercises in the Artist Way to unblock your creative self I love this book because it gave me many new ideals for artist dates She is a great writershe knows how to spark your life This was another uick yet insightful read The book helped me explore ideas for artist s dates that I wouldn t have thought of before I m very satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to some playful fun The Artist Way The O engage insimple fun activitiesthatnourish their creative spiritsAll artists have experienced creative blocks and know the feeling of keepingtheir noses to the grindstone making their days feel only dutiful and drab According to Cameron what is needed is a good dose of enforced play whether it involves a trip to a museum or toy store or simply baking a pieIn The Miracle of the Artists Date.

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Bücher Ebook The Miracle of the Artists Date: 52 Ideas for Activities that will Nourish Your Creative Soul: A Special from Tarcher/Penguin (Artists Way) – latinboyz4play.com

Julia Cameron has been an active artist for than thirty years She is the author of than thirty books fiction and nonfiction including her bestselling works on the creative process The Artists Way Walking in This World Finding Water and The Writing Diet A novelist playwright songwriter and poet she has multiple credits in theater film and televisionLatest endeavor Julia Cameron Live an online course and artists community led by Julia It is the most comprehensive discussion she has ever done on The Artists Way and the first time she has allowed cameras in her home wwwjuliacameronlivecom

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